Friday, 13 January 2017

The Digit-al Dozen does Decades/Nail Crazies Unite does Gold & Silver - The 70's

Hey there!  We have come to the end of another Digit-al Dozen theme.  This week's theme of Decades has been an absolute blast for me.  If you ask me, it's been one of our best week's in awhile.  The girls absolutely killed it.  As for me, I had a couple good, a complete fail and some meh ones.  I'm disappointed that every one of mine was stamping based since I want to try to start mixing more techniques into my Digit-al Dozen manis but I'm a stamping junkie so it tends to win.  My final mani does include the glitter placement technique...that I then stamped!  I wanted to combine my final design with the Nail Crazies Unite prompt of Gold and Silver - sounds like the disco of the 70's to me!

I started by color matching my base to the glitter I was going to use.  The silver is Zoya Trixie and the gold is Zoya Ziv.  Then I spent a good chunk of my Saturday morning licking toothpicks and putting down glitter.  Don't think you're getting away without seeing a couple of photos of that before the stamping.  Trust me, they were sparkly - oh so sparkly!  

The stamping is all from the only disco plate I have - Winstonia W216, all with Mundo de Unas Black.  I've used this plate before.  It's practically guaranteed to turn out a good disco design. 

After stamping, all I needed was a couple of good layers of top coat, HK Girl in this case, to smooth out all that glitter.  

Well that's a wrap on Decades week.  You can check out everyone else's final Decades designs in the links below AND the Gold & Silver manis from the Nail Crazies Unite group.  Fun fun fun!

'Til next time..

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