Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Digit-al Dozen does Decades - The 80's

Hey there!  We're nearing the end of The Digit-al Dozen's week this month.  I've loved all the Decades designs I've seen so far...except for mine today.  Having spent my childhood in the 80's, I couldn't skip the decade of neon, big hair and over the top fashion.  Unfortunately my idea for today's mani was a lot better in my head than it was in real life.  I don't know exactly where it went downhill.  It still seems like a good idea but I didn't take the time to re-do them so we're stuck with these today.  My apologies!

The black base for these is KBShimmer Eclipse and the rest of the polishes are all from KBShimmer's Summer 2015 collection (one of my favourite collections ever since I do love a good neon, especially a pastel neon).  They are In Yacht Water, For Sail By Owner, Rum Me The Right Way, Leggo My Mango, Bahama Drama, Lei It Again and Sarong Place, Sarong Time.

To make the colourful bits, I painted parts of my Uber Mat with Wet n Wild clear polish (it's my favourite for decals and the like) and then the various polishes.  I added clear polish again (so the colors didn't bleed through the white stamping as they sometimes do when you don't top coat in between) and double stamped with MoYou London Back To The 80's (how appropriate eh?).  

I then cut out little shapes either with scissors or a hole punch (which I thought was a brilliantly lazy idea) and stuck them to the black base and added a coat or two of HK Girl.  But somewhere along the way both the shapes and the stamping got all streaky.  

Please try to imagine how 80's fab these would look if they turned out properly!  Though I have a feeling this style might also be a bit 90's...but since I already did the 90's this week, let's call them 80's!  For some manis much better than this, swing by my friends' blogs in the links below and see how they're celebrating all the decades today. 

'Til next time..