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Hit The Bottle Holo The Rainbow Stamping Polish Review

Press  Sample

Hey there!  Today I have the latest stamping polish from Hit The Bottle stamping polish, an indie, 5-free Australian brand.  I've known the creator, Michelle, since I first started blogging and she's always been nothing but helpful and kind.  It's been awesome to see her foray into the world of polish making, in particular, stamping polish turn into a success. Anytime anyone asks for stamping polish suggestions in the nail groups I'm in, I always see Hit The Bottle mentioned, for good reason.  I first reviewed Hit The Bottle stamping polish exactly 2 years ago (what a coincidence!) and have kept it in rotation ever since.  They all work just as well as the day I first got them.  Recently she came out with a holographic stamping collection, Holo The Rainbow, and I jumped at the chance of trying them out.  They are AMAZING!  Below you'll find a few ways I tested them out.  It's kind of a long post since these turned out to be so good that I couldn't stop playing with them.  

Since these stamping polishes are holographic in nature, I knew that I'd need a black base to truly show their holo flames so that's how I'm swatching them today.  For each the first photo is in direct artificial light (with 5K bulbs) and the second photo is in taken in a light box so you can get a better sense of the color.  For each I will link where you can buy these directly from Hit The Bottle (if you're in Australia) and from Beautometry (an American stockist who ships internationally).  I'll also mention what plate I used for the stamping.  I tried to use a wide variety of brands and types of images (fine or thick) to see if the polishes didn't cooperate with some.  However, they all worked great.

Note: Michelle mentioned that we should wait 30 minutes before applying top coat to retain all the holo goodness but, honestly, sometimes I don't follow instructions...or I'm a scientist and I wanted to compare.  For some I waited, for some I didn't but I really didn't notice a difference in the holo so don't worry if you're impatient like me.  All my swatches were done with HK Girl top coat.

Amethyst Sizzle

"purple holo stamping polish"

direct artificial light

Stamping image from It Girl Nail Art IG 103

light box

Glint of Gold

"pale gold holo stamping polish"

direct artificial light

The holo in A Glint of Gold is so strong that it almost gives a duochrome effect.  This one might be my favourite of the bunch if I had to pick one.  

Stamping image from Bundle Monster BM-XL106

light box

Holo There Beautiful! 

"silver holo stamping polish"

direct artificial light

Even in a light box, the holographic effect in Holo There Beautiful! is super strong. 
Stamping image from MoYou London Back To The 70's 02

light box

Hololulu Blue

"blue holo stamping polish"

direct artificial light

Stamping image from Winstonia Hunter's Life

light box

Lucky Spark

"green holo stamping polish"

direct artificial light

Stamping image from UberChic Beauty Fabulous Feathers

light box

Musk Have The Holo

"pink holo stamping polish"

direct artificial light

The color intensity in Musk Have The Holo is less than the others in this collection but it is super holographic.  It almost gives it a duochrome looking effect.  It's really neat!  

Stamping image from Delush Polish Dazed & Enthused DP02

Under The Strobe-berry

"pale red stamping polish"

direct artificial light

Like Musk Have The Holo, this one is slightly lighter in color intensity but more intense in holographic nature.  

Stamping image from Born Pretty Store BP-20

light box

I wanted to quickly test them also over a white base to see how the colors looked on a lighter base.  The holographic effect is mostly lost over white which allows more of the colored base to show up, with the exception of Holo There Beautiful which isn't very visible over white.  The stamping was done with UberChic Beauty 5-01 and topped with HK Girl top coat.

Since these were formulated as stamping polish, I knew they'd be nice and opaque which is perfect for colouring in stamping decals.  I made these with Messy Mansions Symetrika 05 and all of the stamping polishes.  I applied the decals over Holo There Beautiful! (swatch photo is below) and topped with HK Girl top coat.  So much color!

I also wanted to see how these would apply as a polish on their own.  I can't speak to their wearability since I didn't keep it on alone like this but it did apply easily.  There wasn't any dragging whatsoever (something I used to experience with the olden days holos).  I used two coats and it was definitely holographic.  Since stamping polish is so packed with stuff (pigment and holographic magic, I'm guessing) it could potentially chip faster than regular polish.  This swatch is with HK Girl top coat without waiting to top coat.

Since I was playing with these over the Christmas break and they're so fiery, I did some fireworks stamping with UberChic Beauty 3-03 and 2-02 over a blue polish.  I wanted to see if the color and the holo would show up on colors other than black and, they certainly do.  

Lastly, I saw on Instagram that these work for water marbling to I did a quick test over a white base on a swatch stick.  They do marble beautifully but I found they were a bit picky about the water temperature.  I think that for my first couple of attempts the water was too warm and they wouldn't spread at all (which is something I usually find if the water is too cold) so I used slightly cooler water (just tap water) and they were magical.

Overall, if you're looking to add some holographic to your stamping arsenal, these can't be beat.  They're available directly through Hit The Bottle or through a variety of stockists which are linked below.

$3.75/5 mL; $6.75/9 mL; $9/12 mL; $24.95-$59.85/set  at Hit The Bottle
$8/9 mL at Beautometry (currently on sale for $7)
Available at:
Hit The Bottle (Australia)
Beautometry (USA-based, ships internationally)
NZ Nail Academy (New Zealand)
Rainbow Connection (UK-based, ships internationally)

'Til next time...

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