Monday, 9 January 2017

The Digit-al Dozen does Decades - The 90's

Hey there!  It's time for the first Digit-al Dozen theme of 2017 and it's a fun one!  This month we're doing Decades and I'm starting off with the greatest decade ever - The 90's.  Of course I'm biased since I did most of my growing up in the 90's.  1990-2000 formed my junior high, high school and undergrad years so the music and fashion will always hold a special place in my heart.  But I truly think that, even without my blatant favouritism, 90's music can't be beat.  Lots of upbeat pop, melancholy alternative and even some great electronic good!  And yet I've decided to focus my first mani on the fashion instead of the music.  Personally I never found a style of my own.  I wore the baggy pants, the overalls, neon - you name it, I probably tried it.  But when I think of the 90's I'll always think of plaid.  This is based on exactly how I tended to dress - tacky necklaces, plaid, jeans and my "Docs".  And I'm so not embarrassed of the style at the time that I'm even including an old school pic of me circa the mid-nineties.  Oh, to be young again...

These were so much fun to do but the pile of polishes and plates I used for them was a bit ridiculous.  I had such a mess!  

Here is the final list of everything I used:  

Necklace - OPI My Vampire Is Buff.  Stamp with MoYou London Gothic -02 with MDU Black then Silver.

Plaid - KBShimmer My Life’s Porpoise.  Stamp with Messy Mansion Symetrika 06 with MDU Navy Blue.  Stamp thin stripes fromClear Jelly Stamper CJS-08 with MDU Bones.

Denim - OPI I Saw…U Saw...We Saw… Warsaw sponged with Rich Girls & Po-Boys.  Stamp white off denim fabric.  Stripe of dark blue and freehand stitching with MDU White then OPI The "IT” Color with thin brush.

Doc Martens - OPI Suzi Says Da! sponged with Love Is Hot and Coal and KBShimmer My Life’s Porpoise.  Stamp laces from Bundle Monster BM-420 with MDU Bones and Black.  Painted tip with A England Camelot.  Freehand stitching with white and The “IT” Color.  

The final touch was adding a few silver studs and a coat of OPI matte top coat.  I was so against shine back then that I even used brown eyeshadow on my lips...the original matte lipstick!  

And finally, as promised, here's my 1995 school photo.  My eyebrows are no better and I still wear my hair parted in the middle.  I think I might be stuck in the 90's...   I thought about posting photos of myself for all the decades I'm doing this week but then I realized I wasn't alive for some of them.  Maybe I could use photos of my mom or dad.  That'd be close enough, right?  

Now let's check out how the rest of the Digit-al Dozen are starting out their Decades week in the links below!  

'Til next time..

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