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KBShimmer Office Space Collection Review

Press  Sample

Hey there!  It's not secret that I'm a giant fan of KBShimmer.  Really, just look at how many posts I have tagged with KBShimmer.  But I make no apologies.  Christy is a genius with polish.  So when Color4Nails asked if I wanted to review the latest collection, Office Space, I pretty much jumped for joy and swatched them all within a couple days of receiving them.  I'm pretty notorious for wearing bright-colored manis but lately I've been really wanting to start toning them down a little so this collection came at the perfect time.  The colors are muted so they're perfect for the office but, with KBShimmer's ability make interesting finishes, they're far from boring.  Keep reading to see more photos, including a couple nail art looks I did with them.

3 coats (but 2 should be fine)

Nude Mega Flame polish though the base is slightly more creamy than the other Mega Flame's I've tried.  It's like gorgeous holographic sand.  It does dry down with some texture so it'll need top coat for a smooth finish.  Also, be sure to leave some time between coats.  Overworking it seemed like it could lead to some dragging.  

2 coats

This is a described as a mauve creme.  It leans more to the pink/purple end of the spectrum than nude.  I always adore KBShimmer's cremes.  This is two easy coats.  There weren't even any levelling problems which can be common with shades this light.  

2 coats

I want to call this as a grey-ed out purple with a silver holo shimmer.  It's described as a linear holographic but it's more complex than that to me.  The holo isn't over-the-top.  It's more subtle and mature.  I'm sure I'm going to have to wrestle this one away from my sister who loves colors like this.  

Fax of Life
2 coats

A medium grey holographic that leans just a tiny itty-bitty bit blue.  It has the same finish as Cubicle Pusher with a creamy base filled with holographic shimmer.  

3 coats

This finish to this one is similar to the two above but with a slight pearlescent shine.  It's almost white but, as we all know, a true white holo is impossible since holo is silver.  So it is the palest of greys and all gorgeous.  

2 coats

A purple-toned pewter or dark grey Birthstone finish polish.  It's a darker shade than Cubicle Pusher and full of metallic flakes and holographic pigment.  The formula was really easy and  almost a one-coater.  

2 heavy coats

A second Birthstone-style polish.  This one has a nude creme base but the base doesn't seem as opaque as with Staple Relationship which makes the sparkle from the metallic flakes and holo stand out even more.  My first coat seemed streaky but the second coat covered everything great.  

2 coats

A medium mauve creme with a perfect formula.  I used two coats but one coat might be all you need. 

Nail Art

Since Take Back CTRL is so opaque I wanted to see if it would stamp and it does, albeit it ends up much lighter than it is with normal application.  This is stamped with UberChic Beauty Love & Marriage 03 (previously reviewed here) over Makin' Copies.  

This is a gradient of Caught On Tape and Take Back CTRL stamped with UberChic Beauty Love & Marriage 03 with Born Pretty silver stamping polish and topped with matte top coat.   

My favourites from this collection are definitely A Hint of Manilla (I do love sparkle) and Take Back CTRL (since KBShimmer can't make a bad creme).  The fact that they're inspired by the movie Office Space makes them even better.  My former officemate and I would constantly bring up the move - he had a Swingline he wouldn't part with and we've both wanted to go full Office Space on a certain piece of equipment we work with here like they did in the movie (beware, that clip has some VERY naughty language so don't click if you have sensitive ears).  

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