Friday, 10 February 2017

Nail Crazies Unite - Anti Valentine's Day

Hey there!  Around this time of year, we all start putting lots of love-filled images on our nails.  Love is everywhere around Valentine's Day, right?  But some of us are single and want to tell February 14th to just go away.  I just try to ignore Valentine's Day (except on my nails) but I was pretty thrilled to see "Anti Valentine's" as one of our themes in the Nail Crazies Unite group.  I actually did a couple manis for this theme but the first one was pretty illegible so I'll just share the one I really liked.

For these I used a couple Glam Polish colors and a couple Bundle Monster stamping plates.  The base is one of my all time favourites - Dancing Through Life.  There's a couple of Glam Polishes that I wish would be brought back and this is definitely one of them.  

I used the hearts from Bundle Monster BM-317 and filled them with Glam Polish Burning Love and applied that with the advanced stamping technique (ie. put a bit of foil glue on my nail and apply straight from the stamper).  At this point it looks like a perfectly cute Valentine's Day mani.  

But then I added the barbed wire!  The image is from Bundle Monster BM-232.  It was double stamped with Mundo de Unas Black and Silver to give it a bit more of a shadow and hopefully make it stand out a bit more.  

If you're in need of some more anti-V Day nail art, check out the links below.  There's a couple that I've already seen that made me laugh out loud!

'Til next time...

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