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Moonflower Polish Rainbow Cremes Stamping Polish Review

Press  Sample

Hey there!  Today's post should be a really exciting one for any of you who are into stamping.  I'm personally always on the lookout for the latest and greatest stamping polish.  Well today is all about one of the new kids on the nail polish block.  Moonflower Polish is an upcoming 5-free indie brand based in the US started by Nadia (of the blog Mama Hearts Polish).  She gave me a bit of background about herself including the fact that she has a degree in Fine Arts which shows through with these polishes she has created.  This lady definitely knows her colors.  She started making her own stamping polish which she has decided to share with the public.  Her first collection is the Rainbow Cremes, which consists of 10 coloured polish and a day/night (black and white) duo all with Spanish names to honour her Puerto Rican roots.  My favorite thing about these is the fact that they are cremes.  There's a few metallic or shimmer-y indie stampers out there but very few cremes.  Keep reading to hear all about them.

As is my usual M.O. when reviewing a new stamping brand, I'll be showing each of the polishes over  a black and white base and listing the plate and stamper that I used.  These polishes are full of pigment so they do dry quickly.  I found that there are stampers that work better with them than others.  I tried a broad range of plates and stampers so, if the results seem less-than-desirable, it could be the fault of the polish-stamper combo not being ideal.  They are particularly picky with clear stampers (something that I find very common amongst stamping polish).  So if you NEED to use a clear stamper, working fast might help but doesn't guarantee that that particular polish will work with the clear stamper.

Since these took a few days to swatch, there was some variation in my technique.  Most were swatched over a gel polish (Madam Glam Perfect Black or Gelish Arctic White).  Since, in my limited gel polish experience, I don't seem to have the best luck stamping straight onto a gel top coat, I'd first add a thin coat of either a white or black polish, just to get the image to stick.  Note: if you polish is a thin coat and slightly tacky, it will make your image transfer almost effortless.  I live in a dry climate which I feel might have been why they dried quickly on me so this tacky base trick was fantastic!  To finish the looks, I added a quick dry top coat (either Revlon, HK Girl or Seche Vite).  I did not experience any smearing.  However Nadia (the creator) did observe smearing when stamped directly onto a no-wipe top coat and then finishing with a regular top coat.  We need to learn the tricks of the folks who stamp on gel polish!

Most of the polish do have good opacity even over a black base.  Also, since they are 5-free they could be safely used as regular polish.  Their consistency is quite thick so they don't apply quite the same as regular polish.  Also, since they're so pigmented, they could be prone to stain without a really good base coat.  I did wear one of them as the base for a full mani but it was Dia, the white polish, so there was no staining.  However it is worth noting that it didn't chip over the day that I wore it.  Lastly, they are great to use with vinyls since they are so opaque.  I tried that too which you can find at the end of the post.

Finally, onto the photos!


Black Creme Stamping Polish

Plate: It Girl Nail Art IG108
Stamper: Original Pink Konad Stamper


White Creme Stamping Polish

Plate: It Girl Nail Art IG108
Stamper: Original Pink Konad Stamper


Purple Creme Stamping Polish

Plate: Fab Ur Nails 13
Stamper: Fab Ur Nails Gold Holder


Blue Creme Stamping Polish

Plate: Cici & Sisi 05
Stamper: Grey Double Ended (MoYou London?)


Bright Teal/Aqua Creme Stamping Polish

Plate: UberChic Beauty Op Art Magic
Stamper: UberChic Beauty Medium & Non-sticky


Green Creme Stamping Polish

Plate:  MoYou London Mother Nature 03
Stamper: Winstonia Marshmallow (extra soft and sticky)


Warm Sunny Yellow Stamping Polish

Plate: Lina Nail Art Supplies You're So Damasque! 01
Stamper: Messy Mansion (brown)


Bright Orange Stamping Polish

Plate: Cheeky Jumbo C
Stamper: UberChic Beauty Soft & Sticky

Note: Amaranjado was a bit troublesome for me with its quick dry time with this stamper.  I did inform Nathalie and she's going to look at the formula.  I also tested it with three other stampers and a different image and 2 of the 3 transferred easily.


Berry Pink Stamping Polish

Plate: Pueen SE01B
Stamper: UberChic Beauty Luxe 


Cherry Red Stamping Polish

Plate: Born Pretty Store BP-73
Stamper: Messy Mansion White Rectangular


Medium Grey Creme Stamping Polish

Plate: BBF Loja 18
Stamper: Messy Mansion White Rectangular


Chocolate Brown Creme Stamping Polish

Plate: Messy Mansion MM47
Stamper: Creative Shop (original)

Nail Art

To finish off, I wanted to show you a couple of the more elaborate nail art looks I did with the Moonflower Polish shades.  First, I tried out the Lina Nail Art Supplies Make Your Mark 03 gradient-maker square with Amarillo, Anaranjado and Violeta over a white base of Dia.  Because these dry quickly, I found that transferring over a tacky layer of foil glue made a world of difference.  I then stamped the resulting gradient with Noche and Lina Nail Art Supplies Summer 01 and topped with Vapid Lacquer top coat.  

I did another gradient looks, but this one over Cirque Winter Bloom and some Twinkled T vinyls.  Here I used Azul, Turquesa and Dia for, literally, the easiest gradient ever.  One pass with a sponge and these were fully opaque.  These polishes are going to be my new go-to's for gradients and advanced stamping, that's for sure!

If you're interested in these polishes, the will be available for pre-order from February 15 (9 AM EST) until February 18 (11:59 PM EST).  The pre-order ensures that anyone who wants them should be able to get their hands on them.  She is predicting a 2 week turnaround time after the pre-order closes.  Be sure to order them quick since there's only a 3 day window to pre-order.

$7.50/15 mL or $4.50/ XX mL
$70/set of 10 Rainbow Cremes ($14/set of minis)
$14/Day and Night Duo ($8/set of minis)
use code FREESHIP to get free shipping with purchase over $50 
(shipping to USA and Canada only)

'Til next time...

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