Thursday, 9 February 2017

Bundle Monster Kawaii Emoji Stamping Plate Set

Press  Sample

Hey there!  Last week I received the upcoming Bundle Monster stamping plate collection, Kawaii Emoji, and it was so darn adorable that I started playing with it right away.  I recognized the images as kawaii right away but didn't actually know what kawaii meant.  So, for the uneducated like me, kawaii is associated with Japanese culture and generally means cute.  Sounds about right!  There are 5 plates in this collection, each with a different theme and each absolutely dripping in cuteness.  Stick around to see how I used each plate.

First of all, I have to apologize for the plate images I have here.  My scanner finally kicked the bucket so I had to find a new way to image plates.  The scanner at work is no good so I used something we use to take pictures of lab stuff.  It's okay but nowhere near as clear as my old scanner.  


The first plate definitely has a summer/vacation/nautical theme which is handy because I'm in a big vacation mood myself.  Winter cabin fever has struck me early this year so I'm wishing I was on a beach somewhere.  But I'm not so I just have to deal by putting summer-y stuff like this on my nails instead.

To use this plate, I decided to just use the small images along the bottom of the plate.  I stamped them with Mundo de Unas Gold over Mrs P's Potions Turbulence and paired them with Picture Polish Swagger and Zoya Levi.  The end product was matte'd with OPI matte top coat.  


This plate is all about food - healthy food!  It's mostly veggies but there's some fruit and mushroom in there as well.  I love the broccoli that looks like a giant head of hair but the peas are probably the cutest thing ever!

Though I love the peas in the pod, I decided to use the carrot image instead.  I stamped with black over a water marble of pipe dream polish Tabanca and Rhythm.  


Here we have a second food plate, but of a much sweeter variety.  Candy and cake and doughnuts...and cherries which are delicious but don't they fit in with the fruits and veggies?

To test out this plate, I did some advanced stamping with Mundo de Unas Black and KBShimmer How Low Can You Flamingo? and Chilly Pepper applied over Eyes White Open.  


This plate is filled with some adorable happy hearts and a few less happy broken hearts...of course I opted to use the sad hearts.  

I did a gradient of Sinful Colors Black On Black and Snow Me White and stamped it with Mundo de Unas Reddish.  That was made matte with OPI matte top coat.  


And lastly, we have a plate for the makeup and nail polish addicts amongst us.  I really love the drips and the splatters with faces.  

For this I used all Mrs P's Potions ONEders (previously reviewed here).  The base is Turbulence and the stamping is kind of gradiented with Tootsie, Hemlock and Heliotrope.  I used the larger buffet-style image on the right side of this plate.  There's even stampers hiding in that could I not use it?  

So if you're a fan of nail art and kawaii, this set of plates will be released on February 23, 2017 so keep your eyes peeled 2 weeks from now.  

$19.99/set of 5 plates
Available at Bundle Monster

'Til next time...

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