Friday, 17 February 2017

The Digit-al Dozen does Black/26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Blue Floral

Hey there!  For the first 4 days of The Digit-al Dozen's Black week, I managed to keep color out of the mix (unless you count white and grey).  But today is also 26 Great Nail Art Ideas prompt of Blue Floral - there's literally a different color in the theme!  I tried to compromise for these and used a black base for my blue flowers.  I cannot master floral freehand for the life of me but I'm gonna keep trying!

As I said, I used a black base here so I could use it for Black week.  This is one of my many black holo polishes (I meant to post a comparison ages ago swatched a bunch and then never got around to posting it.  I even have a couple more now but if I included them my nail length would probably be way different.  Anyway, this is ILNP Missed Called.  Like most black holos, it's more of a charcoal holo but that's the nature of holo pigment, right?

For the blue floral part of the mani, I google one stroke flowers, watched videos (most notably from Lucy's Stash and Tartofraises since their florals always astound me) and then I got to trying it myself.  Still, mine pale in comparison.  Thank goodness nail art isn't a competition!  

I guess that wraps up The Digit-al Dozen's February theme.  You can find the rest of the ladies' black manis (along with the Crumpet's Nail Tarts blue florals) in the links below.  So much browsing for you to do!

'Til next time...

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