Thursday, 23 February 2017

Creative Shop Stamping Plate 42 Review

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Hey there!  Today I'm sharing one of the newer plates from Creative Shop Stamping, Creative Shop 42.  I've reviewed Oksana's stamping plates before and really liked them so I obviously agreed to try out one of her new ones too.  As you can see, I must have liked this plate because I used it in four separate designs.  I never do that many manis with a single plate!  Keep reading to see all the images from the plate and get the low down on what I used here, as well as my review of the plate quality.

Creative Shop's stamping plates are a fairly standard size (6 x 12 cm) but the images are huge!  Since there's no space between images, she has room to add extra picture in there which results in images that are approximately 15 x 25 mm.  For the most part, that works out well since you can mix up your stamping a little however, for some of the more zoomed in images it might mean you miss out on some of the image.  I found the etching on this plate to be perfect, even better than previous plates however I did find that they tore up my cotton pads a bit when I went to wipe the plate with acetone so be on the lookout for stray fuzzies if the same happens to you.  The plate I was sent, Creative Shop 42, has a nice variety of images, mostly centering on a winter theme.  Or maybe that was just to my eye since I received this in February, the depths of winter here in Edmonton.  

The first design I'm showing is my surprise favourite, and it really shows the size of the Creative Shop images.  I used the two birds separately in some advanced stamping over KBShimmer Fax of Life (previously reviewed here).  I stamped the images with Mundo de Unas Black and filled with Chocolate, Caramel, Taupe and finished with OPI matte top coat.  On my other nails I used one of the images from the top row and turned it 90 degrees to stamp it vertically instead of other words the images are large enough for me the use the width of them down the entire length of my nails.  

I couldn't not use the northern lights image from this plate though I wasn't entirely sure how to use it to really show it off.  I used three Serum No. 5 glow in the dark polishes (Glowin of Eden, Blue Blazes and Laven-daringly Bright) as a base and stamped with Mundo de Unas Black and Avocado.  I  wish I could've gotten a glowing photo of this.   As bright as it was, my camera refused to cooperate.  

My third mani was super simple.  Just some Bronze stamping over Kokie Cosmetics Dark Room (previously reviewed here).  Unfortunately my ring finger really shows what happens when you stamp with a separated metallic stamping polish.  Compare it with my middle finger and you can see how much better it looks when the polish is shaken up...lesson learned!  On my pinky and pointer finger I added a couple of triangle studs and it was done.  

Lastly I wanted to use a couple of the snowy images.  I did a watercolor style base with A England Galahad and Guinevere over Cathy and stamped with Mundo de Unas White.  The accent nail is Different Dimension Ghosts of Jupiter.  I just bought a couple of her glitters and they're so sparkly that I want to wear them all the time.  I might have to get some more.    

If you're interested in this, or any of Creative Shop's other plate (and there's a ton to check out, if you haven't looked before), she has a long list of distributors which can be found below.  You can also follow on Instagram or in the Creative Shop Facebook group for news and ideas. 

1. USA (ships internationally)-
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12. Germany -

'Til next time...

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