Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It Girl Nail Art IG104 and IG106

Hey there!  I guess this is my first post of 2016 so Happy New Year!  I'm starting off the year with a review of two of It Girl Nail Art's latest plates, IG104 and IG106.  It Girl is an indie plate designer from Tacoma, Washington and she currently has three new plates available for pre-sale.  These will begin shipping mid-January but I was lucky enough to get to try them early.  This is It Girl's second release of stamping plates and I daresay these plates are even better than her first release (you can read my review of them here and here) which were awesome themselves.  Keep reading to check out all the details on the manis I've done to test out IG104 and 106.

It Girl Nail Art plates are 12 cm long and 6 cm wide with the images measuring 2.25 cm x 2.25 cm.  These plates are made of a slightly different metal than other plates I have so they have a slightly less shiny, brushed metal look.  This is my second time trying It Girl stamping plates and I have to say that they all stamp great.  These were even better than my first plates from them.  With IG101-103, I found that some of the finer images were difficult to clean but I have zero issues with either of IG104 or IG106.  

IG104 is inspired by classic fashion textiles with images ranging from plaid to houndstooth to argyle.  

I thought it was interesting that there's numerous houndstooth patterns on this plate, of different sizes/styles, especially as a big houndstooth fan.  I decided to combine all four houndstooth into one mani so you can see the different sizes.  I smudged the image on my pointer finger so that is my error, nothing to do with the quality of the plate.  I stamped with Mundo de Unas Black over KBShimmer Eyes White Open.  

For my second IG104 mani, I stamped with Model Own Chrome Mauve over ILNP Sirene.  This is a fairly fine pattern and look how great it stamps!

I debated even showing my third and final IG104 mani because I made such a mess of it.  Mental note: don't make and apply stamping decals in the middle of the night because something is bound to go wrong!  I made decals by stamping with Mundo de Unas Chocolate and filling in the argyle pattern with Bones and Sky Blue and applying them over a white base.  The other nails are Zoya Robyn and everything is finished with Cult Nail Wax That top coat.  I love the idea of this mani so much that I might redo it but I haven't had time yet.  

The second plate I was sent to review is IG106 and I absolutely adore it.  This plate is inspired by ornate brocades and lace.  This seems so appropriate with Downton Abbey starting last weekend and a new season of Sherlock starting this upcoming weekend. 

For my first IG106 mani, I stamped Mundo de Unas black over a Layla Ceramic Effect polish (called CE53 I believe...it's hard to tell).

It also looked cool matte'ed with Essie Matte About You.

For my second IG106 mani I made decals by stamping M Polish Guilded over OPI Black Onyx and then cutting it down to a strip and applying them over OPI Casino Royale.  Again, it's a finely detailed pattern that stamps beautifully.  I told you the quality of these plates is fantastic!  I was inspired by do these when I was binge watching Vikings over the holidays and saw a dress that sort of looked like this.  I think this is my favourite mani of the bunch that I'm showing today.  

And lastly I have my newest polish, a Christmas gift, A England Whispering Waves that I dry brushed with Camelot and stamped with Essie Penny Talk.

Another fine pattern with perfect stamping.  I love brocade patterns, don't you?  

There you have my review of the upcoming It Girl stamping plates, IG104 and IG106.  There is also an IG105 which I wasn't sent but I'm sure it also stamps like a dream.  Remember, this is a pre-sale so if you order, they will begin shipping mid-January.  

Price: $13.50/plate

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