Monday, 18 January 2016

More Digit-al Dozen Autumn Manis (in January)

Hey there!  As I mentioned yesterday, I want to finally share some older Digit-al Dozen manis that I did but never posted starting with the Autumn leftovers from October.  One of these I liked, one makes me question my sanity.  See which is which by reading below...

This glitter placement didn't get shared originally because I still need practice with my accuracy.  That and bubbles.  What is the trick to not getting bubbles in a glitter placement mani?!  I had the same thing happen with my shattered glass mani.  Bubbles are my nemesis!

I used a black base here (A England Camelot) and then placed on red, bronze and gold holo diamond glitters and top coated.  I swear I tried so hard on these and they're still nowhere near as good as the glitter placement queens.  I bow down to them!  

This next one never got shared because it was as though I couldn't stop adding to it and it turned into this hot mess.  I started with a gradient color French tip.  Then added the half moon.  Then decided the middle needed to be filled and the end result was this circus.  

For these I started with Color Club French Tip and then used China Glaze With Love and Happy Go Lucky and Picture Polish Citrus for the colors.  I'm still shaking my head at this one, even 4 months later.  

Thanks for checking out these Autumn-colored nails in the middle of winter.  Tomorrow I should have a mani that I LOVED but I didn't do until after the theme because of a late package.  

'Til next time...

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