Monday, 25 January 2016

HPB Presents Northern Lights Gradient

Hey there!  For those of you who don't know, the Hobby Polish Bloggers is a Facebook group of amazing folks who, unsurprisingly, all love nail polish enough that we post pictures of our fingers on the internet.  Every month this group does a link up and this month our theme is my absolute favourite nail look - gradients.  I'd been wanting to do a northern lights style mani for awhile but wasn't sure what technique to use.  I'm lucky enough that I get to see the northern lights fairly often (I even posted this pic on Instagram in the summer) but I've never done nails inspired by it.  Then I saw this post from Cathy of More Nail Polish and immediately fell in love and wanted to copy it which fell in line perfectly with our gradient theme.

First, here's a photo of the gradient alone.  I started with a white base of KBShimmer Eyes White Open over which I gradiented with China Glaze Highlight of My Summer, B Squared Lacquer Plur, Pretty Serious Type 40 and OPI I Saw...U Saw...We Saw...Warsaw.  Over that I added a coat of KBShimmer I Only Have Ice For You as a sparkly topper.  

Then I freehanded some trees and added some stars using acrylic paint.  The white dots are looking more like snow than stars to me but either one works for me :-)  

As usual, I finished with HK Girl top coat.  I absolutely loved wearing these (so thank you Cathy for the inspiration) and wore them for longer than any mani I've done in a long, long time.  

The link up for this theme can be found below.  Since gradients are easily my favourite nail art look, I can't wait to see what the other Hobby Polish Bloggers have put together for us.

'Til next time...