Monday, December 17, 2018

Nail Polish Canada Holiday 2018 Nail Art

Hey there!  It's that time of year when Nail Polish Canada puts on a little nail art contest.  As a long time NPC customer, I couldn't say no to that!  As much as I'd personally appreciate the votes, you can vote for any of the nail art you love the most in the link here.  I've been checking it daily and have seen some great designs.  Us nail ladies have some talent!

I must have REALLY wanted this to be my favourite Christmas mani of the year since I did it twice.  Now I have to explain why I did that.  At first I used a shimmer-y red with a gold magnetic top coat and did the stamping.  But the gold/red combo came out very brown which I didn't love.  So the next day, I did it all over again.  

This time I used a red magnetic polish (Vapid Lacquer I'm Just Cherry) and magnetized it.  But the effect wasn't as strong as I wanted so I did a streak of the same gold magnetic top coat as I used the first time (Tonic Polish Here Comes The Sun) and magnetized that as well.  But just a streak!  I didn't want the whole thing turning into poop again, haha!  

Once I was happy with the base, I did some double stamping with Mundo de Unas Black and White using Whats Up Nails B022 and B035 stamping plates.  I also added some layered dots as well.  Finally, I finished with Vibrant Vinyls top coat.

I guess that last sentence was a lie.  I did eventually also add a matte top coat to see how that looked. I liked both finishes but, in the end, I prefer the shiny version.  But the matte one was nice too!

If you enjoyed these, please vote for me in this link.  "Copycat Claws" should be one of the dropdown options since I agreed to participate the second I was invited.  😀 Thank you! 😀

'Til next time...

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