Friday, December 7, 2018

Nail Art with Girly Bits Cosmetics Fall 2018 Cremes

Nothing to Disclose

Hey there!  Last month when Girly Bits Cosmetics announced they were releasing a new set of creme polishes for 2018, I was definitely excited.  I've used the 2017 collection in a ton of nail art so I snatched up the new collection literally within a minute of it being available.  The colors are outside the realm of "typical" fall colors and really provide a range of colors that seemed useful for even more nail art.  So you just knew I had to play with them a bit.  These are the results of that playing.  I wanted to test them out with some of my more common techniques (mostly stamping, of course) but there's a bit more here, as you'll see.

Watercolor Gradient with Stamping

Since the Christmas season is upon us, I wanted to try a holiday mani but with the whole rainbow of colors.  I started by painting my nails with 2 coats of Just The Flax Ma'am and then diluted the rest of the polishes in this collection with a bit of acetone and went over the base with a slightly fluffy brush.  I wasn't sure the green (You Can't Handle The Spruce) would stamp purely over that rainbow so I first stamped the trees from UberChic Beauty Holiday Jingle with White Wedding (a Girly Bits stamping Polish) then with You Can't Handle The Spruce.  The second layer of the trees were stamped with Just The Flax Ma'am (which shows up as a lighter green).  The tree toppers were stamped with Saffron, Saffroff.  

Gradient and Stamping

I love gradients, especially with opaque polishes like these that make them so quick.  For these I did a gradient of Forget Me? Not!, Purple Heyyys and Eggplant One On Me and stamped them with Saffron, Saffroff using Girly Bits own stamping plate.  

Reverse Stamping

I also adore reverse stamping with opaque polishes.  The base polish is Purple Heyyys.  For the stamping I used Whats Up Nails B018 with Girly Bits Little Black Dress and filled them with Just The Flax Ma'am, Petal To The Metal, Boys 'n' Berries and You Can't Handle The Spruce.  After applying that, I added dots of Saffron, Saffroff to the centers.  

Water Marble

I won't lie and claim to do a lot of water marbles but I was curious so I tested it out.  I used Petal To The Metal, Saffron, Saffroff and Forget Me? Not! for these.  The colors spread really easily but got a bit muddled thanks to my less-than-stellar marbling skills.  I really should practice but I so hate the mess!  

I did also try these polishes out with stencils using Just The Flax Ma'am and Rust In The Wind.  They worked great but the red bled and changed the off-white to a yellowish color when I applied top coat. In the end, they weren't pretty so I didn't want to share them here.  But for your reference, these certainly work with stencils!  

There you have it, the results of me messing around with one of my latest purchases.  If you love cremes like me, these should definitely be added to your collection.  The entire collection can be purchased here if you're interested but each color is also available separately.  Keep in mind, Girly Bits is Canadian (like me!) so if you're in the US, your dollar can go pretty far up here.

'Til next time...

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