Monday, 24 December 2018

The Last of 2018's Christmas Nail Art

Hey there!  Like I've been saying lately, I have worn too many holiday manis in the last couple weeks to be able to blog them all separately so for today, I have four designs to share.  One was a bit more intricate, turning a regular image into a negative space image.  There's also one that I wanted to looks like Northern Lights but ended up as a scary Halloween Christmas mani.  There's a simple one that I wore from Thursday to Sunday (partly because I liked them and partly because I was too busy/lazy to change them).  And lastly there's one that I saw yesterday and loved so much that I copied last night so I could wear this as my actual Christmas morning nails.  Hope you like them!

Christmas Trees

Products Used:
UberChic Beauty Christmas 01 stamping plate (Christmas trees)
UberChic Beauty Christmas 02 stamping plate (dots)
Lacquistry Chinese New Year
Zoya Ziv
Nire's Desires Pranayama
Whats Up Nails Mermaid Flakies
Mundo de Unas White stamping polish
Glisten & Glow top coat

Santa Is Coming To Town

Products Used:
Winstonia Winter Wonderland stamping plate
Lina Nail Art Supplies Can't Wait For Xmas 01 stamping plate (Santa and reindeer)
Lina Nail Art Supplies Spooklicious 02 stamping plate (moon)
KBShimmer Spaced Out
China Glaze Fairy Dust
Mundo de Unas Black, White, Light Grey stamping polish
Glisten & Glow top coat

Candy Canes

Products Used:
UberChic Beauty Holiday Jingle stamping plate
Picture Polish Bridget
Glisten & Glow top coat

Christmas Dotticure
(inspired by Paulina's Passions)

Products Used:
OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls
OPI Goldeneye
OPI I Love You Just Be-Cusco
OPI Envy The Adventure
dotting tools
Glisten & Glow top coat

I think that's probably the last of my blog posts for a couple days.  Now it's time to head out to my parents', enjoy my mom's delicious cooking and maybe even give and receive a few gifts.  But really, I'm just happy I'll get to be spending the time with my family.  They're the best!  I hope that everyone else has some folks that they think are the best that they'll get to spend some time with.  Much love to everyone!

'Til next time...

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