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Whats Up Nails Stencils - Clouds, Hypnose, Pumps and Teddy Bears

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Hey there!  I hope all my Canadian and American friends have had themselves a great long weekend, even if we have to be back at work now....ugh!  I don't know what the weather is like where you're at but here in Edmonton it's a 30 C week (86 F) so it feels more like lake weather than work weather.  But since I'm not relaxing by the water, what better time to share with you some of the stencils I've used lately from Whats Up Nails?  I've gotten to review a few of their stencils and if you read those reviews you already know that I absolutely love their stencils!  I don't know what cutting process they use but they always separate easily from the bits you don't want and they stick to the nail perfectly.  Today's post has how I wore the Clouds, Hypnose, Pumps and Teddy Bears.  All four of these stencils are sheets of 12 stencils that measure 22 x 28 mm so they should work great to cover most nail sizes.  A couple of them are discontinued but are still available so get them while you can!

$3.75 USD

To use the Clouds Stencils I did a gradient with a few Tonic Polish shades.  This is I Pink You Blue Me Off, Light of Lyra and Endless Shrimp over a white base.  After allowing that to dry I used a fairly opaque white (Pure Ice Superstar) and applied it over the stencils.  They came out almost perfect.  

I liked this so much I took a photo in direct light to show off the shimmer in the polishes.  Isn't it dreamy?

$3.75 USD

The Hypnose stencils are one of the hard stencils to remove from the extra pieces since it's swirly and has angles.  For some of these I restuck them to the back of the sheet and peeled them up again.  That worked to remove most of the insides.  

To do these I used FUN Lacquer 24 Karat Diamond for a sparkly base and then used Bow Polish Motivation over the stencils.  Unfortunately you can't see the magnetic effect at all.  So much for my cool idea!  But the metallic over glitter still makes a cool combination.  

Currently $1.88 USD (discontinued)

Since I don't wear heels I didn't think I'd really appreciate these stencils but I ended up liking them a lot.  I don't wear sexy shoes but I can still have sexy nails!

To try them out I paired up China Glaze With Love and some chrome powder (only on the middle two nails).  There's a couple spots where the red bled under the stencils so I should've made sure they were laying down better over the nails.  It could have something to do with the gel top coat under the stencils but I don't know since I've never mixed stencils and gel polish before.  Regardless, I was impressed that all the heels showed up on these since that's a narrow bit of stencil.  Told you these stencils were impressive.  

Currently $1.88 USD (discontinued)

It's too bad these are being discontinued.  Wouldn't they be perfect for a baby shower?  If you have a shower coming up, get these for this reduced price now.  

For my final look, I used OPI Can't Find My Czechbook as a base color, applied the stencils and used a textured polish on top, OPI What Wizardry Is This?  For these I skipped the top coat to keep the textured look.  

That's all for today.  I really do recommend Whats Up Nails Stencils.  I've been eyeballing a few of the newer ones I see that I think I'll be needing myself.  I especially love pairing the stencils with their magic powders.  If you haven't tried that yet, try it.  You'll be pleased, I'm sure!

Available at Whats Up Nails

'Til next time...

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