Thursday, July 6, 2017

Cici & Sisi Acrylic Stamping Plate Review

Press  Sample

Hey there!  Today I have four of Cici & Sisi's acrylic stamping plates to review for you guys.  These plates work just like regular metal stamping plates but they're lighter, thicker and won't ever cut you like some metal plates do.  My first Cici & Sisi plates were way back when, with the first two sets of stainless steel plates and I still use them to this day.  These days it seems like they're focusing more on their acrylic plates with groups of four plates within a series.  Today I have a sampling of three of the series, Nature, Fairytale and the Blue and White series.  I did a couple manis with each of the plates so this post might get a bit long.  So buckle up!

I have reviewed a few of Cici & Sisi's acrylic plates before so if you'd like to see a photo of how they actually look, you can check that out here.  The square plates are 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm.  The larger plates are 9.5 cm x 14.5 cm.  As you can see, the image sizes are all over the board.  They don't focus on full nail images so these should work for most people.  I need to mention that these plates do have more texture to them than the first ones I reviewed and that texture was problematic.  I had problems getting a clean scrape and some of the stamping polish had a tendency to stay in the little divots on the plate.  I was using the Big Bling stamper, not one from Cici & Sisi, so maybe that would make a difference?  I did note that using a thinner stamping polish, instead of something very thick like Mundo de Unas, did help but didn't completely alleviate the problem.  

Pretty Serious Into Dreams topped with ILNP The Magician
Sponged on white and The Pink One 
Stamped with Essie Nothing Else Metals
HK Girl top coat

Gradient of Rich Girls & Po-Boys, Super Trip-i-cali-i-fiji-listen and Eurso Euro
Advanced stamping with Messy Mansion Carbon filled with OPI Color Paints and Silver Canvas
HK Girl top coat
Note: had to swipe in multiple directions to get good pick up for the butterflies

ILNP Cygnus Loop over black
Double stamp with Mundo de Unas White and Orchid or Green
HK Girl top coat

Bow Polish Your Idol (magnetic)
Stamp with Mundo de Unas Black
Leadlight with Nfu Oh JS34
HK Girl top coat

Blue and White Overprint 01
I believe they call the layered stamping plate "Overprint" so these images are meant to be combined

Deborah Lippmann Just Walk Away Renee
Layered stamping with Mundo de Unas Bronze, Dark Grey and Cotton Candy
OPI matte top coat

Gradient of KBShimmer For Fox Sake and Grin and Gerbera It
Stamp with Mundo de Unas Gold and Messy Mansion Carbon
HK Girl top coat

A England Nocturne
Stamping with Mundo de Unas Purple, Reddish, Geranium, Yellow and White
HK Girl top coat
Note: Had major problems getting a clean swipe so there's colors in other spots where there shouldn't be.  These took way longer than they should have because of this.

Picture Polish Bluebird
Stamping with Messy Mansion Chalk
OPI matte top coat
Rose gold studs

While I did have some issues getting clean pick ups for some of these images but most of them were (or could've been) alleviated by using thinner stamping polish.  But most stamping polishes are thick, especially ones that will stamp over black, so keep that in mind.  However other images, like the cute hedgehog and the galaxy images didn't give me any problems at all so this issue isn't consistent across the plates I was sent.  The plates I used were linked in the blog post but there's definitely other Cici & Sisi products to check out in the links below.  

Available at Cici & Sisi

'Til next time...

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