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Lina Nail Art Supplies Summer 02 and Make Your Mark 05

Press  Sample

Hey there!  Yesterday was a swatch post and, as much as I love pretty nail polish, I think we all know stamping is my one true love so I'm happy to be back today with some manis with one of my favourite stamping brands, Lina Nail Art Supplies.  She recently came out with a few new stamping plates and I was lucky enough to get two of them, Summer 02 and Make Your Mark 05 from Harlow & Co. to try out.  It's not surprising that I love them.  Since she arrived on the block, Lina Nail Art Supplies plates have been of impeccable quality.  I just don't know how some plate makers do it...they come up with great designs and have great plate etching.  I love brands like that!

Lina Nail Art Supplies plates are 14.5 x 9.5 cm in size with mostly full nail images that measure 17 x 22 mm.  She has a line of seasonal plates and, since she's already gone through the calendar once, she's on the second round of the Summer season.  This plate has 25 full nail images plus a whole slew of tiny individual images.  She's fit a lot of those smaller images into a minimal space so you'll need some tape of remove the bits you don't want from your stamper, but that's easy.

There's a few tropical animals on this plate that I wanted to use so I went with the flamingos.  These were triple stamped with Mundo de Unas Black, White and Barbie over a gradient of Vapid Lacquer Beach Please and I'm Late over a white base.  The white stamping was only because Barbie isn't quite opaque enough over black and I wanted it to pop.

I did my second mani while I was swatching the Illyrian Polish Spellbind collection that I shared yesterday.  Plus it's shark week next week so if you need a shark image, here you go.  This was stamped with Mundo de Unas Navy Blue over Hex and topped with OPI matte top coat.  I personally would've preferred this without the text in the sharks but that's mostly because I find text sometimes hard to read on my nails.  

My last Summer 02 mani started with a smoosh marble with Pretty Serious Peachie Poo, Fluffykins, Cutie Patootie and Bunny Foo Foo over white.  I stamped the summer drinks with Mundo de Unas Teal but that wasn’t clear enough so I stamped with Messy Mansion Chalk and then Teal again.  So it might have you feel like you’re seeing double (or triple) but this many summer drinks might have the same effect so it seems appropriate.  

I can't say for sure but I'm willing to bet the Make Your Mark series is Lina Nail Art Supplies most popular line.  There's such an eclectic mix of images and they layer so easily.  That's what makes it my favourite series of plates.

My first mani started with 3 coats of Tonic Polish Incandescent.  I stamped the swirls with Moyra Dark Brown then added the butterflies with advanced stamping with Mundo de Unas Black and Tonic Polish Come Wander.  That was finished with OPI matte top coat.  

My second Make Your Mark 05 looks like it could be from the Summer series but it really is from this plate.  I wish you could see how bright this was in real life.  I used 3 China Glaze neons in a gradient (Daisy Know My Name, Flip Flop Fantasy and Thistle Do Nicely) stamped with Messy Mansion Chalk and topped with HK Girl.    

My final design of the day is more layered stamping (told you these images layer well).  I started with A England Camelot and did some gradient stamping of the grunge-y texture image with Essie Blue Rhapsody and Penny Talk.  I stamped the lettering with Mundo de Unas White and topped with matte top coat.  

I really can't recommend Lina Nail Art Supplies stamping plates enough so if you're into stamping but haven't tried them yet, give them a look.  Especially the entire Make Your Mark series.  It's so versatile!  

$14.99 USD each
Available from Lina Nail Art Supplies
Also available from many international distributors (including Harlow & Co. in Canada)

'Til next time...

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