Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Bundle Monster Homeroom Hell

Press  Sample

Hey there!  How is everyone doing out there?  I hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful summer day like it is here.  It's going to be 30 C today (86 F) which is too darn hot for me but I know lots of people love it.  I came home from the cabin for a couple days but today would be a perfect lake day.  30 C by a big body of water is great!  30 C in the city is melt-y!  Anyway, back to today's blog post.  I did a couple manis with a plate from Bundle Monster called Homeroom Hell.  I'm sure folks aren't quite looking forward to the return to school quite yet but this plate doesn't scream school to me, even though I did do a chalkboard look for one of my designs.

(entire Special FX set can be found here)

This plate is actually from a set of 5 plates called the Special FX series which has a really fun collection of water marble, graffiti, splatter images and more.  This particular plate has an entire collage of images, mostly related to things you'd find doodled in many a school notebook over the years.  I know I definitely remember doodling things that look like this.  As for the specs, the XL Bundle Monster plates all measure 6 x 12 cm and their etching is great.  Bundle Monster was the first set of plates I purchased way back in the day and their quality just continually goes up.  

For my first mani, I did a rainbow paintbrush look.  I used a white base of pipe dream polish Whitewater with the streak stamped in a gradient using the ANIVC polishes.  

The paintbrush was a tad more tricky.  I used the advanced stamping method to give it its brown handle (with Zoya Flynn) then restamped just the bristles with white and then stamped again with a tiny rainbow of the ANIVC colors.  I finished with HK Girl top coat.  

The chalkboard look was super simple.  I used a black base (Messy Mansion Carbon - it's a stamping polish but I decided to give it a try as a regular polish and it worked) stamped with Messy Mansion Chalk (what an appropriate name!).  Then I finished up with OPI matte top coat.  Easy peasy!  

That's all for today!  If you're interested in this plate, or what to check out the entire SpecialFX set of plates, they can be found on the Bundle Monster website.  There's lots of other goodies there too.  Don't say I didn't warn you, haha!

$22.50/set of 5
Available at Bundle Monster

'Til next time...

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