Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Illyrian Polish Spellbind Collection

Hey there!  My first vacation post!  Yup, I’m such a nerd that I’m attempting to blog from the cabin…but only when the weather isn’t great which it hasn’t been for a couple of days now.  Luckily I have pretty nail polish to look at to distract me from the clouds, starting with this gorgeous collection from the 5-free cruelty-free indie brand, Illyrian Polish.  The Spellbind Collection was released earlier this summer and is currently available from Color4Nails so if you haven’t gotten your hands on it yet, you can grab it now. 

2 coats plus top coat

I love the color and finish of Compel, a raspberry that almost looks duochrome because of the golden shimmer in it.  There’s even a subtle holo finish.  I hate to admit this but I can’t really speak to the formula of this polish because I accidentally left it open overnight before I swatched it.   But even though it might have evaporated a bit, it still applied quite nicely.  It just might need a drop or two of thinner now. 

3 coats plus top coat

Enchant is a periwinkle jelly packed with iridescent glitter.  There's also some shimmer, flakies and holo glitter but it's the iridescent glitter that's the real star of the show.  Even though it was filled with glitter it was still easy to apply.  I used 3 coats but 2 was fine.  It didn't dry down textured but did still need top coat for a glossy finish.  

It looks pretty darn cool with a matte top coat too.  Check it out below.  

3 coats plus top coat

Hex is Enchant's teal sister.  It also has a jelly base and lots and lots of iridescent glitter.  I did find it a bit more opaque and rougher than Enchant though.  Again, I used three coats and HK Girl top coat.

Hex also looks swell with a matte top coat...

3 coats plus top coat

Hypnotize is my favourite of the bunch but my photos don't do it justice.  It has a slightly lilac tinted base and so much pink/gold shimmer.  There's also pink flecks, red iridescent glitter and holo glitter.  It dried down more gritty than the previous two so I used two coats of top coat.  

2 coats plus top coat

Slay has a grey creme base but lots of copper/red shimmer that gives it an overall brown look.  There's also holo glitter (more than in Compel).  It has a great formula and is fully opaque at two coats.  

The copper shimmer is more apparent in direct light so I took a photo in direct artificial light as well.  

2 coats plus top coat

Voodoo is a sort of a teal cross between Hypnotize (with it's fleck/shimmer finish) and Slay (with it's level of holo glitter).  There's a purple shift that is very apparent in the bottle but it is pretty subtle on the nail.  I love a fleck-look like this polish!  

That's all for now!  Looks like the sun is out so it's time to get back to the water.  But for the rest of you, feel free to shop at Color4Nails for any (or all) of these gorgeous and complex shades.  

$13 USD/polish
Available at Color4Nails

'Til next time...

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