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UberChic Beauty School Is Cool + New Clean Up Brushes and Cotton Grabber

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Hey there!  UberChic Beauty has recently come out with lots of new products and I'm lucky enough to get to share a few of them with you today.  I know, I know, we don't want to think about the return of school quite yet but it's coming anyway.  Luckily Brittany has found a way to make it fun, for students and teachers alike.  School Is Cool is her most recent mini plate and, as someone who was in school for a whopping 24 years of her life, I couldn't pass up a school plate.  Plus my little sis is a teacher so I love that there's a plate that is celebrating her profession.  Plus, it's just plain adorable!

UberChic Beauty School Is Cool Stamping

As I mentioned, the School is Cool plate is UberChic Beauty's latest from her mini plate line.  What that means is that, instead of being the usual 9.5 x 14.5 cm plates with the thin backing, these plates measure 6 x 12 cm and have a solid plastic backing.  The full size images remain the same size though (17 x 21 mm) and they still have UberChic's impeccable etching.  This plate has a layered apples image, TWO negative space images (you know I love me some negative space) and lots of other cute back to school images.  This plate seems to be geared more towards elementary back to school but that doesn't mean it can't be used for high school and university too!  

UberChic Beauty School Is Cool Stamping

I have to admit that I love how my first mani turned out.  I used KBShimmer Whiskey Business and Eyes White Open as my bases and did the stamping with Mundo de Unas Black, either regular style (for the negative space letters) or with some advanced stamping (for the ruler which I then filled with Whiskey Business).  I even tried stamping over the black text with Whiskey Business to give it a bit of sparkle.  

Back To School Nail Art

UberChic Beauty School Is Cool Stamping

I also adored this crayon image so I had to use it.  Actually I did some crayon nail art way back when I first started my blog back in 2013 and it's still my second most viewed post.  I think someone posted it on Pinterest and it became a bit popular.  Maybe these will do the same since they're way cuter!  For these I used almost all of the Moonflower Polish Rainbow Cremes stamping polish, as the base and the colors I filled them in with.  I applied the coloured in crayons over Dia and top coated with HK Girl.  

Back To School Nail Art

UberChic Beauty Cotton Grabber

UberChic Beauty has also come out with a few new nail art tools, starting with this handy dandy grabber tool.  I've never used anything other than my fingers to grab my cotton pads to clean my plates before.  I just dealt with dirty hands and ruined manis but now I see why people use grabbers!  This one feels really ergonomical.  It's shaped somewhat like a pen but with a push button on the back end that extends the claws which easily and securely held my cotton pads.  I just dipped one in acetone and was good to clean the plate enough times to do one hand.  Now my right hand won't always be messed up!  

UberChic Beauty Nail Art Clean Up Brushes

There are also two new styles of clean up brushes.  I love my old UberChic Clean Up Brush and have even bought a second one but I think I like these smaller ones even more.  The aesthetic of the brush is still the same with it's engraved lid and pretty crystals accents but the actual brush part is smaller, allowing for more precise control of clean up.  I do wish the bristles were slightly stiffer but that's just my personal preference.  I've already brought these brushes back and forth to the lake with me if that tells you how much I've enjoyed using them!  

You can find all these new products on the UberChic Beauty website down below.  There's also a new collection out (Collection 19) which I'll be reviewing soon so you can check that out too!

$7.99/Mini Plate
$8.99/Clean Up Brush or Cotton Grabber
Available at UberChic Beauty

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