Thursday, 14 March 2019

The Digit-al Dozen does Books - Watchmen

Hey there!  For my fourth Digit-al Dozen book mani, I have my one and only freehand design this week.  Today I did Watchmen.  When I was trying to come up with book ideas, I was talking to my friend who normally takes zero interest in my nail art but he came in handy this time!  He said "does a graphic novel count?" and I immediately knew what he was thinking.  This was a book I read way back in the day, before the movie was released.  I remember ordering it and seeing it was a graphic novel.  In my mind a graphic novel was a novel, with a few pictures.  Little did I know it was a giant comic.  I've never been a comic fan but this book was great!  I should probably re-read it before the HBO show comes out!

For these I started with Color Club Almost Famous, French Tip, Route 66 and A England Camelot.  They all took 2-3 coats.

For the art, I flipped through the book to find images I could actually do.  It was all done with red, black or white acrylic paint and topped with Vibrant Vinyls top coat.  I wish I would've thought to do more comic style books this week.  It was really a lot of fun.  Freehand can actually be quicker than stamping, believe it or not.  

I was really happy with how these turned out.  And my friend even texted me an "enthusiastic clap" for them.  That's a big win since he only likes plain nails!  

Is anyone else looking forward to the Watchmen show?  I realized that every book mani I did this week was inspired by a book that has been turned into a movie.  That's not remotely surprising since I often pick books that are being made into a visual media.  I figure if it's good enough for a movie studio, it's good enough for me!  But I do make sure to always read the book first.  

'Til next time...

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  1. Oh, wow! I didn't realize HBO was going to have a Watchman series. Now I'm doubly glad you painted these!

  2. Wonderful mani, the "clips" of icons symbols are a nod to the people who know the book/movie without being too overt. I like it!