Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Maniology Spring Occasions Bundle

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Hey there!  I'm back for a second time today because I don't want to wait to share this fun little nail art set from Maniology.  They have a released a mini Spring Occasions Bundle which contains a stamping plate, a polish, 2 sheets of nail stickers and an ice cube stamper that is currently only $15 USD.  Or, if you don't like the bundle, each item can also be purchased separately but the bundle is certainly a better value.  I spent my weekend playing with all the items and can happily say I had no issues.  If you're interested in any Maniology products, or the Mani X Me box, please use the coupon code COPY10 to save yourself some moolah!

Tulip Julep polish

The polish included in this bundle is just plain lovely.  It's a magenta creme with a great formula that works wonderfully for stamping.  It was opaque at one coat though, as always, I used two coats plus top coat for my swatch (just in case).  

M048 Bunny Hop Stamping Plate

I've seen people asking for St Patrick's Day plates from Maniology.  I personally don't feel they need a whole plate of St. Patrick's Day when they have two lovely images on this plate.  There's also a ton of other spring-themed images and text that allows you to celebrate Easter and Mother's Day.  I think that makes for a pretty well-rounded plate!  I used quite a few images from it and ran into zero issues at all.  

Products used: 
Base: Maniology (BMC) Tranceland
Stamping: Maniology Tulip Julep filled with Maniology Sweet and Moonflower Polish Verde
Top coat: Vibrant Vinyls Fast & Hard 

Products used: 
Base: OPI I’m Sooo Swamped, My Dogsled Is A Hybrid, Can’t Find My Czechbook and Rich Girls & Po-Boys
Stamping: Maniology Coconut and Mundo de Unas Black
Top coat: OPI matte top coat 

Products used: 
Base: Masura Mint and Bazil (magnetic)
Stamping: Mundo de Unas White 
Top coat: Vibrant Vinyls Fast & Hard 

R015 Roses Nail Art Stickers

To try out the stickers, I applied them over Maniology's Coconut (with Tulip Julep on the other nails).  They lift from the backing easily with a pair of pointy tweezers and apply without bubbles.  If you try these out, I will say to place them where you want them because I couldn't lift them after they were down.  To finish I used OPI matte top coat.  I just have to say that this seriously turned out just like my Nana's old couch.  I had so many naps on that couch.  I miss it (and her).  

R142 Sunshine Flower Nail Art Stickers

This was my first attempt at the stickers (I did these before I did the previous mani).  They applied just as easily but this is just a mess.  I wasn't going to include it in my blog post but I thought it might at least be handy to share how opaque they are over a darker color.  Too bad it looks like a 4 year old did them...

Ice Cube Clear Stamper 

I have previously tested out the Ice Cube Clear Stamper (in my first Mani X Me box, reviewed here) so I didn't include another photo of just the stamper.  But I realized I never showed how it picks up.  In the Maniology Community group, I've seen people having issues with it.  I did too at first.  I found it needs a tiny bit of love before it wants to pick up.  I gave it a rinse with dish soap, just in my fingers and then wiped the stamper head with 91% rubbing alcohol with a lint free wiper (I have KimWipes from the lab, in case anyone else works in a lab and has those handy).  This image was picked up as soon as the stamper was dry.  Looks nearly perfect to me.  The Maniology Ice Cube stamper now has my heart.  I love the size and shape of it, and that they come with a lid to keep the dust off.  

$15 USD/set
Available at Maniology
Use code COPY10 to save 10% off your order 

'Til next time...

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