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My Mani Box - I Love Unicorns (August 2018)

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Hey there!  Last week I got the mother of all review packages from the lovely folks over at Beautometry, including a few months worth of My Mani Box collections.  For those that are unaware, My Mani Box is a monthly nail art box (which you can purchase monthly or at a reduced subscription rate) that always includes indie polish, 2 MoYou London stamping plates and some extras.  I'll have a look at all that I received over the next couple of weeks but for now I'm starting with August of last year.  It had the theme of I Love Unicorns so you better believe there was a ton of unicorn-related items in there.  While this theme is over, it gives you an idea of the type of items that you could expect in these boxes.  I'll have a look at a few of them over the next couple weeks which

What the box included:

Danglefoot Polish What's Your Unicorn Name? polish
MoYou London Hipster 23 stamping plate
MoYou London Hipster 24 stamping plate
NCLA Unicorn Galaxy nail wraps
2 striping tapes
2 pots of diamond shaped glitter

Danglefoot Polish What's Your Unicorn Name?

Danglefoot Polish is an indie brand from the UK.  This was my first Danglefoot that I've ever tried but I've already pre-ordered 3 more from Beautometry since I was so impressed with this polish.  It's a navy blue jelly with scattered holo particles and what appears to be some mini blue-green iridescent flakies and a subtle pink shimmer.  

The formula was fantastic.  Application was smooth and easy with nothing poking up.  Shown is 2 coats plus top coat.  

MoYou London Hipster 23

To try out MoYou London Hipster 23, I started with a base of Esmaltes da Kelly Stormtrooper (grey) or Laguna (blue holo).  For the middle two nails I stamped with the opposite polishes (I had to stamp with Laguna twice to get the opacity I wanted to match the other nails) and then with Esmaltes da Kelly C3PO (which I will swatch soon).  For the shooting stars, I did reverse stamping with C3PO and filled with Stormtrooper.  This was finished with Vibrant Vinyls top coat.  

MoYou London Hipster 24

I was immediately drawn to the fractured looking unicorns on MoYou London Hipster 24 so I did some reverse stamping (paired up with the crystal images also on the plate).  I used Hit The Bottle Snowed In and filled with Hit The Bottles holos (Holo There Beautiful, Amethyst Sizzle, Prismatic Purple, Under The Strobe-Berry Lights, Musk Have The Holo, Lucky Spark, Hololulu Blue and A Glint of Gold).  This was super sparkly in direct light but my light box is known to kill holo.  Trust me, it was beautiful!  

I also did a mani using both plates (though most of it is from Hipster 23).  It's a gradient of Girly Bits Cosmetics Gettin Figgy With It, My Peony Has A First Name, and Beautiful Soul.  The background image is stamped with Love Yourself First and Hipster 24.  The layered clouds were stamped with Hit and Mist then Greyzed and Confused.  The flying unicorn and letters were stamped with MDU Black and the unicorn was filled with Love Yourself First and Irreplacable.  Vibrant Vinyls top coat was used to finish.  

NCLA Unicorn Galaxy Nail Wraps

I have never used wraps of this style before so you're witnessing my first attempt.  They’re very opaque.  I applied them over What’s Your Unicorn Name? and the dark blue didn’t show through at all.  They seem to be made out of some sort of plastic material that doesn't dissolve at all with acetone so you really want to cut them to size before application, including the line up notch.  With curved nails like mine, I found it hard to avoid little wrinkles at edges so edges stuck up a bit.  Maybe cutting to slightly smaller than the nail is the way to go because mine drove me crazy for the day and a half I had this mani on.  Also it says to file off ends but I found the white base of the wrap shows through so scissors are better for that as well.  I topped them with Vibrant Vinyls top coat but those edges were still bumpy.  While I didn't love them since my application wasn't the best, I will say, they did hold up well when I wore them so if you have nail wrap skills, you might love them!  

 Each month the My Mani Box is a pre-order available from the 20th of the current month to the 19th of the next month, but don't wait because quantities are limited.  This month's theme appears to be Birds of a Feather so I bet there's some pretty plates in there.  Also worth noting, you get to choose between regular sized MoYou London images or the XL sized images so you don't need to worry about the images not fitting you.   

Available for pre-order from My Mani Box
$35 USD/month (price is reduced when multi-month subscription is purchased)
Contains approximately $50 worth of products

'Til next time...

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