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My Mani Box - Cheers To The Holiday (December 2018)

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Hey there!  Earlier this week I said I'd have more My Mani Box reviews coming up and I'm already back with another: December 2018's Cheers To The Holidays.  Again, if you haven't heard, My Mani Box is a nail art subscription box that always includes 2 MoYou London stamping plates, a polish plus other nail art goodies.  I was worried December's box might be too winter-y.  Little did I know that I'd be in blizzard-like weather today.  March 8th and we're getting 6 inches of snow today.  But don't worry, if you decide to check out My Mani Box yourself, you won't be getting winter themed plates.  This month's theme is Birds Of A Feather so I can't imagine there'd be any snow in there (since most of the world isn't as chilly as we are up in Canada).

What's Was In The Box:

NCLA I Been Drinkin' polish
Cuticula Pop, Fizz, Clink blush base coat
MoYou London Crystal 01 stamping plate
MoYou London Crystal 05 stamping plate
2 pots of shard glitter

NCLA I Been Drinkin'

I've only tried a couple of NCLA polishes previously but this one has me contemplating buying more of them.  I Been Drinkin' is a bright watermelon pink creme.  It applied like wonderfully.  2 creamy coats.  I'm not a pink-fan but this one is very, very nice.  

Cuticula Pop, Fizz, Clink Blush Base Coat

I've been using Cuticula Silk Base Coat for awhile and I love it.  This is a slightly pink-tinted version of the Silk Base Coat (though you can see the pink isn't enough to hide my yellow nails).  This scented version was a box exclusive, though I can't quite place the scent.  I want to say it was like fruity champagne but the name of it might be biasing me.  Either way, I love the scent and this base coat hasn't left my coffee table all week.  I've used it every day since breaking open this box.  

MoYou London Crystal 01

I love that these crystal images are all the rage these days.  I think they're so pretty.  I used 3 of them (plus some text and a geometric image) over Esmaltes da Kelly Hipopo.  I did mostly reverse stamping with MDU Black and Esmaltes da Kelly Funga Funga from the Sesame Street collection (swatches will be coming shortly) and Bee and Lili.  The lettering was stamped with MDU Black and Hit The Bottle Holo There Beautiful and topped with Vibrant Vinyls top coat.  And don't forget, you really are a gem!  

MoYou London Crystal 05

MoYou London Crystal 05 has more winter-y patterns.  I actually did two manis with this but I tossed the first one since (as my British friend said) it was too "cluttered".  He wasn't wrong.  So I simplified it with some reverse stamping with Hit The Bottle A Bolt From The Blue and Snowed In, applied over a second wearing of I've Been Drinkin'.  It's like snowflakes in summer colors.  This mani turned out much better than the first!  

I've been playing with the My Mani Box's I received all week and have been thoroughly enjoying them.  MoYou London were some of the first really high quality plates I got into but I haven't shopped from them for awhile so it's been nice to get back into them.  And the polishes have all been stunning.  If you'd like to subscribe, I think you'll enjoy them too.  This month's box is available until the 19th, when it then switches over to next month's theme.  And don't wait because quantities are limited.  

Available for pre-order from My Mani Box
$35 USD/month (price is reduced when multi-month subscription is purchased)
Contains approximately $50 worth of products

'Til next time...

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