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Delush Polish The Rising Maidens Collection

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Hey there!  I'm super pumped today to be sharing Delush Polish brand new collection.  The Rising Maidens collection, inspired by The Handmaid's Tale, a fantastic show and book (if I'm remembering high school English class as well as I think I do) just launched today.  This is a collection of 7 incredibly unique polishes.  It felt like every polish had some sort of surprise in it.  There's magnetics, shimmers, flakies and even one that is thermal AND magnetic.  It's been awhile since Delush released a new collection but these are well worth the wait.  Let's have a little look!

In my post I'll include the official description in italics under the listing but I'll put how I described the polish under the first photo.  I received these before the descriptions were released so you'll get an idea of what I saw since I really don't know all the magic indie makers put in their polishes.  All photos were taken in a light box with artificial 5K light bulbs with Vibrant Vinyls top coat.  

$10.95 USD
"A deceptively blackened teal jelly, loaded with aurora shimmer, accented with a sprinkling of metallic red flakies that’s bound to uplift you in the bleakest of times."

Description: Teal base filled with red shimmer (or mini flakies)
Application: Application was very easy.  Not very textured but top coat required for smooth finish
2 coats

$9.75 USD
"A captivating grape jelly featuring a dazzling blend of ultra chrome chameleon and color shifting flakies, accented with fierce shimmer that’s sure to make you count your wishes."

Description: Purple jelly with blue-green and purple ultrachrome flakies 
Application: First coat was sheer but it built up easily and nicely.  Top coat required for completely smooth finish
3 coats

$9.75 USD
"A milky white crelly imbued with blue aurora shimmer with shards of color shifting and holographic flakies, that’s bound to remind you of the iconic bonnet."

Description: White crelly with sparse holo microglitter and aurora shimmer.  Has pretty blue shimmer in direct light.  
Application:   Problem-free
3 coats but still showed some visible nail line

$10.95 USD
"A concrete grey crelly, featuring a fierce aurora pink shimmer among rainbow colored ultra chameleon flakies, that’s meant to remind you there is always a glimmer of hope at the end of a rainbow."

Description: Purple-leaning grey crelly with multi chrome flakies
Application: Easy.  Had one flakie stick up a bit but almost flawless.  
2 coats

Rebellious Maiden (magnetic)
$12.50 USD
"A smokey maroon magnetic, infused with glowing blue aurora shimmer that makes a statement when you apply any magnet."

Description: Greyed base with strong purple shimmer with teal green magnetic shift
Application: Thinner formula than others but applied easily.  
3 coats

The Last Cermony (thermal magnetic)
$13.25 USD
"Our first all-in-one magnetic thermal, morphing from a blushed purple (cool) to a mossy green (warm), infused with aurora shimmer and captivating flakies, that celebrates a new beginning."

Description: Dark purple flakie with magenta magnetic shift.  Changes to olive green with purple shimmer when warm
Application: Easy peasy
2 coats

cool state 
warm state (except very tips)
$12.50 USD
"An olive green multi chrome magnetic, featuring a captivating bronze overcast of aurora shimmer and fiery ultra chameleon flakies reminiscent of glimmers of the past."

Description: Olive green with smattering of ultrachrome flakies with bronze/light green/peach magnetic shift
Application: No problem.  Definitely has the most dramatic shift of the magnetics in this collection.  
2 coats

My favourite in this collection is hard to choose.  They're all so unique.  But I definitely have a special fondness for Barren of Hope since it completely fooled me...I thought it was a purely purple polish but the base is teal.  That's sneaky! I also really love The Ruins of Gilead since the magnetic effect is super shifty.  The prices of each polish ranges here, likely due to the difference in cost of materials.  Trust me, she put a lot of goodies in these polishes.  You can also buy the Delush Polish magnet here for $2.50 USD or the entire collection here (at a reduced price) which includes the magnet.  

$9.75-13.25 USD each
$78 USD for all 7 (includes a free magnet)
Available from Delush Polish

'Til next time...

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