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My Mani Box Review - Fantastic Beasts (October 2018)

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Hey there!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Mine was busy but fun.  On Saturday I tie-dyed shirts with my family, went to a potluck at my friends', spent some time with another friend and on Sunday I met another friend's brand new baby and went and saw Captain Marvel.  By Sunday evening I was so tired!  I didn't even get any nail stuff done.  Luckily I have a few posts worth of stuff done already so I won't go AWOL this week.  Today I have a quick look at what was in October 2018's Fantastic Beasts My Mani Box.  This is the perfect time for me personally to be checking it out since I'm finally putting in the effort to watch the Harry Potter movies.  I got through the first two in the last few days so I expect, if I keep at it, I'll be watching Fantastic Beasts soon enough.

What's In The Box:

Wicked Polish Hermione (magnetic)
MoYou London Enchanted 09
MoYou London Enchanted 11
Moyra Stamping Top Coat
The Blue Morpho clear stamper
Flower magnet/clean up brush

Wikkid Polish Hermione 
and magnet/clean up brush

Hermione is a bronze/peach/green multichrome magnetic polish.  The formula is a bit sheer but the application was easy.  I used 3 coats for this swatch, magnetizing after both the second and third coat.  Honestly, I'm not sure if the magnet helps for any coat other than the last one though so don't feel like you have to do that.  I love how shifty Hermione is (the polish, not the character).  You get so many colors in one polish!  

I'm not sure what I like the most here, Hermione or the flower-shaped magnet that was included in this box.  When it comes to magnetic polishes, I tend to stick with the straight magnets because I get the strongest results with them but this magnet was AWESOME!  Check out the starburst patterns it leaves on the nail.  The fact that the other end of this is a clean up brush means one less item you need to leave lying around.  

MoYou London Enchanted 09, Blue Morpho stamper and Moyra top coat

The little animals on these two Enchanted plates are adorable but would be a little much for me to use on every nail so I kept them as accent nails and used one of the other images for the rest of the nails.  I stamped over my Hermione mani with Mundo de Unas Black using the Blue Morpho stamper (another favourite part of this box for me).  I prepped the stamper as I usually do with any new clear stamper: a quick wash with dish soap and then a wipe with 91% rubbing alcohol and it picked up easily right away.  It's quite soft and sticky and worked like the charm.  Personally I do prefer clear stampers with clear casings that let more light in but I haven't put this one away since I received it.  The other item in this box with Moyra's stamping top coat.  I genuinely tried to see if I could get it to streak the stamping by not floating the top coat and running the brush right onto the stamping and it didn't smudge at all.  And it was dry enough to prevent denting within 5 minutes.  Thumbs up to this product as well!  

Here's a quick look down through the stamper.  It's has an almost perfect pickup.  

MoYou London Enchanted 11

To use Enchanted 11, I went all green.  I used Hit The Bottle Peppermint Zombie as a base and stamped with Emeralds Are Forever.  For the alligator image, I did reverse stamping filling the image with On The Loose With Chartreuse and finished with a matte top coat (after first top coating with the Moyra stamping top coat - again, with no streaking).  

While the plates included in this box were my favourites, the rest of the products make up for it!  I really do think that the My Mani Box subscriptions are worth the price.  Two plates, an indie polish and a bunch of extras for $35 (or less, if you subscribe) is a good deal.  If you're ever interested in these boxes, there is a preorder every month that goes until the 19th.  But stock is limited so get it when you can.  This month's theme is Birds of a Feather but if that doesn't strike your fancy, the next theme will be announced in two short days!  

Available for pre-order from My Mani Box
$35 USD/month (price is reduced when multi-month subscription is purchased)
Contains approximately $50 worth of products

'Til next time...

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