Monday, November 19, 2018

Madam Glam Swatches and Nail Art

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Hey there!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was really nice, getting to see family and some friends I haven't seen in a too long.  But now it's back to work reality but I decided to take a little break to write up a blog post about some gel polishes I recently tried from Madam Glam.  I don't use gel often but when I do, Madam Glam is my go-to brand.  I have purchased/reviewed a few and they're consistently great.  They're more opaque than other gel brands I've tried and always apply nicely...hence they're my go-to.  I received 4 polishes in this package, plus their no-wipe top coat which I used for all the swatches.  I also decided to do a bit of nail art with each of them that I hope you enjoy.

Before I start the swatches, I should mention that there was a 5th polish in my package which unfortunately was broken during transit.  Most unfortunate was that it was a gold shimmer that ended up EVERYWHERE!  I tried to clean it off the other bottles as good as I could but it's still quite apparent.  So try to ignore that mishap when looking at these.  

Color: Dark red creme
Coats: 2 coats plus no wipe top coat
Formula: Opaque and easy to work with

For nail art, I wanted to try out Madam Glam's Art Gel (Madam Glam's version of blooming gel), which I had previously purchased.  I used one coat of Art Gel on an accent nail over 2 coats of Perfect White.  I've never used any sort of blooming gel before so I'm happy with how these turned out though I did go back in with a bit of extra Perfect White where my red had dispersed too much.  

Color: Very grey'ed out lilac purple creme.  Definitely an office-appropriate color.
Coats: 2 coats plus no wipe top coat
Formula: Thick but easy to work with

The reason I love no wipe top coat is how great it works with powders so I wanted to try it out with Whats Up Nails Holographic Powder.  Here I used it with some star stencils (that I believe I purchased from Twinkled T).  The no wipe top coat worked perfectly with powder.  

Color: Aqua blue-green creme
Coats: 2 coats plus no wipe top coat
Formula: Again, thick but easy to work with

For this nail art I wanted to contrast the summer-y feel of the polish with some autumnal stamping.  I did reverse stamping with Lina Nail Art Supplies Autumn 03 filled with Floss Gloss Honey.  

Color: Almost pastel pink creme
Coats: 3 coats plus no wipe top coat
Formula: Thinner than the others.  It dragged a little but nothing ridiculous.  

For these I used a technique I saw on Laqvid's Instagram where she created a marbled look by dipping a gloved finger in gel polish and applying it to the base color.  For these I used Caribbean Sea and Twilight Purple over Art Gel before finishing with the no wipe top coat.  

Overall I continue to be impressed with Madam Glam's gel polish formula.  If you prefer a thinner formula they might not be for you but, if you're like me and don't like doing a bunch of coats, these will be your best gel polish friend.  You can use the code CLAWS30 to save 30% on your order.  Or check out the Black Friday sales they currently have going on which could save you even more.  

Save 30% with code CLAWS30
$19.99/15 mL bottle
Available at Madam Glam

'Til next time...

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