Monday, 5 November 2018

Autumn Dotticure Nails

Hey there!  I hope everyone had a spectacular weekend and enjoyed time change day (my personal favourite day of the year even though I know not everywhere gets to change their clocks).  I think I stayed up until about 4 am doing my nails and binge watching TV which, with the clock change, was only 3 am which is a far more reasonable time to go to bed, haha!  I got to play with a couple UberChic plates and some Madam Glam polishes so you can expect to see the results of my insomnia sometime this week hopefully.  But for today, I have a fall manicure, once again using the Girly Bits Fall Cremes from last year.  I've used these a ton this year.  She released a new set on Friday at 10 am and my checkout receipt for the whole set came through by 10:01 am...needless to say, I love Pam's cremes since she's formulated them to be wonderful for nail art.  I can't wait to see them in person!  Anyway, here's a dotticure twist on a fall leaves mani...

For the base color I used Girly Bits Irreplaceable (not one of the Fall Cremes but has the same great formula and opacity).  Then I added dots of Another Brick In The Fall, It's Near Leaf All and Butternut Leave Me.  

I like the muted tone of these colors so at first I was just going to do an autumnal dotticure (I love polka dots but don't wear polka dot nails enough) but I thought adding the branches would be a fun idea.  So I stamped the branches from Maniology Happily Never After BM-XL195 with Girly Bits Stump Up The Jam.  See how opaque these are!  Look at how well that stamped!  

To finish, I just used KBShimmer's Oh Matte! top coat and my fall dotticure was complete!  

Now that today's blog post is done, I guess I'll go back to doing real work.  Nail stuff is so much more fun though!  

'Til next time...

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