Monday, 5 March 2018

UberChic Beauty Welcome Spring Stamping Plate Review

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Hey there!  Just a few days ago, UberChic Beauty released it's Welcome Spring stamping plate, only the second spring-themed plate to date.  I received it on Friday and tried out a couple manis with it this weekend.  I really like UberChic's spring plates because it's not only spring or Easter but a mix of both.  It's kind of like one-stop shopping for the season!

As you can see from the image below, the Welcome Spring plate has mostly Easter images on the top half and lots of floral spring images on the bottom.  There's also some bunnies that are absolutely adorable!  The plate measures 9.5 x 14.5 cm with 17 x 21 mm images.  Check out the upper right area too.  There's a fun selection of mix-n-match designs for you to make your very own unique Easter egg nails, like I did for my second mani.  

For my first mani I needed to use the cherry blossom layered images.  This is my favourite part of the whole plate (along with the tulips which I want to use soon). I used two coats of Cirque Colors Hatch, stamped the branches with Mundo de Unas Dark Grey and the flowers with Mundo de Unas Orchid.  Then I used a little brush and added some Mundo de Unas Pink to the middles before finishing with Glisten & Glow matte top coat.   

For my second mani, I wanted to try those do-it-yourself Easter egg designs.  I used Esmaltes da Kelly Dolly as a base and stamped a variety of the lines with Bee, Bruce, Chili and Flufi.  On the outer nails I did gradients with the same polishes and stamped with Dolly.  There's also some negative space eggs on this plate which would be really fun to try.  

I was really pleased with this plate.  I didn't have issues with any of the images.  I obviously had to use a clear stamper for both of these manis so I ended up with some gaps in my stamping (I almost always have gaps but I do find they're worse with clear stampers) but I don't think that had anything to do with the plate.  It'll be fun to play with this plate a bit more in the month leading up to Easter!  

$14.99 USD/plate
Available at UberChic Beauty

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