Friday, 2 March 2018

Moonflower Polish Anniversary Polish - Sunset

Press  Sample

Hey there!  This afternoon I have a celebratory post for one of the best new(ish) brands out there.  Moonflower Polish (the brain child of Nadia of MamaHeartsPolish) is one year old!  To celebrate, she has come up with a special polish called Sunset.  It started with a franken of an old drugstore polish back in the day but since she has all sorts of nail polish skillz now, she figured out how to make it from scratch AND make it opaque enough to stamp.  I played with it a bit last week, by swatching it, stamping it and stamping with it.  Stick around and you can see all three!.

$5-8 USD each
7-15 mL bottle

Sunset is a deep deep purple shimmer.  It's meant to be the color of the sky when it's mostly dark but there's still that hint of purple color lingering.  There's also some red shimmer in here that makes it so much more complex.  I could see the shimmer in my regular lightbox-diffused light (above) but I needed direct light to make it really pop (below).  And the formula is incredible.  This is 2 creamy coats plus top coat.  

Since it's a party, I used UberChic Beauty Party Time stamping plate and added a few fireworks using Moonflower Polish Bronze before topping with HK Girl.  

And now for my favourite bit.  I did a gradient with Dia, Strawberry and Sunset to create the faded pink/purple sky.  Then, since Sunset does stamp, I used it as the stamping polish in some reverse stamping with a couple images from FUN 17.  I filled in the images using a variety of Moonflower Polish products (Gris, Amarillo, Anaranjado, Mar Caribe and El Yunque) before applying them and finishing with HK Girl top coat.  My favourite part?  Knowing that I don't only have to stamp with black for scenery nails from now on!  

I truly hope you can join me in wishing Nadia a happy Moonflower anniversary.  I don't have experience first hand but I imagine it is damn near impossible to make it in this business and she's doing it.  I'm so proud of you Nadia!  Keep doing what you're doing and you'll always have a fan in this girl.  The info for the anniversary polish, as well as Moonflower Polish's social media can be found below.  

$8/15 mL bottle or $5/7 mL mini
Available at Moonflower Polish 

'Til next time...

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