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Moonflower Polish Spring Holos and Vampy Cremes Collections

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Hey there!  A couple weeks ago I posted about Sunset, the Moonflower Polish shade created to celebrate her shop's first anniversary.   Today I have swatches of the upcoming Spring Holos collection AND the recent Vampy Cremes collection.  These two collections really show how talented Nadia is.  She's come up with two great sets of stamping polish that both work so easily but that are so different in their finish.  I really like them both but there's something particularly stunning about the spring set.  They're holo and kind of shifty and metallic.  That being said, there will never be anything better than cremes for nail art so I'm so happy to have both collections.  Stick around to read all about them all.

First up, the Spring Holos. These are going to be released this tomorrow (Friday, March 16th) at 9 am EST. I assume it has something to do with allowing the holo and sheen to shine through but these are slightly less opaque than her cremes. They're pretty light over a white polish but over a dark polish, they're absolutely stunning. For my swatch photos, I stamped using the Whats Up Nails B002 stamping plate over white or black and used two coats. The first photo is taken in a light box and the second and third are in direct light so you can see the holo. I'm not great at direct light photos so the color accuracy is definitely better in the light box photos.

"Reddish jelly holographic base that shifts red-pink-orange with iridescent red microflakes. Amapola means hibiscus in Spanish."

My absolute favourite.  It's like rose gold but with extra.  I like how soft it looks over white but how much it pops over black.  This is a must!

"Blue jelly holographic base with a purple-blue-teal shift with iridescent blue microflakes. Crep├║sculo means twilight in Spanish."

The name meaning "twilight" is perfect for this.  Over black it's stamped like a light night sky with a hint of purple.  Blues and purples are always favourites of mine so I wasn't surprised at how much I liked this color.  

"Purple jelly holographic base that shifts purple-silver-blue shift with iridescent purple microflakes. Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish."

This purple has a silvery feel to it that does remind me of dusty butterfly wings.  The name however gives me so much nostalgia.  Mariposa was the name of a Canadian clothing store in the 80's or 90's that I spent plenty of time in.  

"Yellow leaning green holo jelly base with a green-yellow-gold shift with iridescent green microflakes. Tortuga means turtle in Spanish."

As someone who isn't usually into yellows and greens, I didn't think this would be a color for me but it was my favorite after Amapola.  Like Amapola, it absolutely glows.  It's a perfect color for spring.  

Now for the Vampy Cremes. These really embody everything that keeps Moonflower Polish amongst my favourite nail art polishes.  They're so opaque and creme.  Since they are pretty dark, they're not really meant to show up over black but you can see them, but not as well as her brighter cremes.  And these all have a bit of shimmer so when you're in more direct light, they're more obvious.  For these photos, the first is in a light box and the second is in direct light.  As a note, Nadia said these have so much pigment that they could stain skin or stampers but I didn't find that personally.  

"Hunter green creme with green-yellow-gold color shifting shimmer"

I apologize for the messy stamping here.  That's on me, not the polish.  Again, as not a green fan, I was surprisingly fond of this one.  I'm wearing it today in some St. Patrick's Day nail art that I should post soon, as proof that Moonflowers are my go-to's for nail art!

"Dark blue creme with blue-purple color shifting shimmer"

I love the shimmer in this one but I see more of a green/teal shimmer than purple.  Lucky for me, I love teal polishes!  

"Dark purple creme with blue-purple color shifting shimmer"

Plum feels like the darkest of the Vampy Cremes so it is certainly vampy.  Maybe because it's so dark, the shimmer is more subtle but when you see the blue flash, it's gorgeous.  

"Dusty teal creme with green-blue-purple color shifting shimmer"

This teal isn't particularly dark so it's still really bright over black.  If any polish was going to stain, it'd be this one but I didn't have issues (but I also didn't have it on for more than an hour or two)

"Dark red creme with red-gold-bronze color shifting shimmer"

Wine is truly a perfect vampy colors.  I love dark reds with my whole heart so this is my favourite of the Vampy Cremes collection.  

Thanks for sticking around to the end.  I know that was a long post but I thought it'd be a good one while we're in the Digit-al Dozen stamping week (since Moonflower Polish is a stamping polish even if I often use it away from stamping as well).  Plus I wanted to share how pretty the Spring Holos collection is in case you want to get your hands on it at launch.  I've put all the links in for the individual polishes in this post but the Spring Holos won't be on sale until tomorrow morning.  

Releasing 9 am EST March 16, 2018
$9 USD/15 mL bottle or $5 USD/7 mL mini
$34 USD/full set of 4

$8 USD/15 mL bottle or $5 USD/7 mL mini
$38 USD/full set of 5

Available at Moonflower Polish 

'Til next time...

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