Friday, 23 March 2018

Nail Crazies Unite - Sweet Fruit

Hey there!  Today's Nail Crazies Unite prompt is one of my all time favourite things - sweet fruit.  I'm an absolute fruit junkie.  I think that's why the winter months are so sad to me.  I don't have access to delicious fruit.  Sure, I can still get it at the grocery store but it's not nearly as good as the farmers market fruit of the summer.  But since it's still very winter-y here, I wasn't fully feeling the fruit theme.  I ended up going with a fruit I'm not even particularly fond of.  Does anyone truly like bananas or are they just handy?

I've been trying to do more manis without all the nails matching lately.  It's a stretch for my uncreative brain to think of how to do this but I liked how these turned out.  That yellow glitter (Zoya Solange) is just the perfect shade.

The other colors used here are OPI To Infinity and Blue-Yond, Good Grief and My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  It's such a summer color combination that it felt weird to wear these in snow.  

The fruit-filled stamping plate I used is Whats Up Nails B008.  There's so many fruits to pick from on this plate but I guess I was just feeling bananas the day I did these.  But just glancing at that plate on the website makes me want pineapple so bad right now.  

I guess that's all for this fruity post.  I wonder if anyone else's manis will make me have more cravings for other sweet goodness.

'Til next time...

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