Thursday, 29 March 2018

Hit The Bottle Pour Some Neon On Me Stamping Polish Swatches

Nothing to Disclose

Hey there!  Just yesterday I posted some swatches of the pastel stamping polishes Hit The Bottle recently came out with (if you didn't see those, that post can be found here).  Today I have some colors from the other side of the spectrum - neons!  Before the pastels, Michelle released the Pour Some Neon On Me collection so I bought them both from Beautometry at the same time.  As with yesterday, I'll link to where I purchased them but Hit The Bottle does have international stockists which can be found here.

I tried these out as regular polish and stamping polish (using the KN2 stamping plate).  Unlike the pastels yesterday, I wouldn't recommend these as regular polish.  The formula was too thick to apply nicely.  Luckily they are formulated as stamping polish so wearing as regular polish wasn't the objective!  The Hit The Bottle site says these dry quicker than her other polish so if you want fine lines, use a tacky base for your stamping.  The image I used isn't very fine so it worked with a regular silicone stamper but these definitely did dry quickly.  I did use the tacky base trick for Blutonium.  For the swatches I used 2 coats plus HK Girl top coat as they also dry very matte.

Neon pink

Neon orange (much brighter than this)

Neon highlighter yellow (slightly green-leaning)

Neon lime green

Bright teal
I'm not sure I would call this one or the next two classic neons but they're still bright

Bright blue

Bright purple

That's all for today's swatches.  I hope these help inform your future stamping polish purchases.  If you like neons, these are the best stampers I've tried to date so I hope you like them too!

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