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Delush Polish Crown & Glory Collection Review

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Hey there!  Today I have swatches of the upcoming collection from Delush Polish, the Crown and Glory Collection.  This collection is inspired by the TV series The Crown.  I haven't personally watched the show but this collection has put it on my list.  If Adrianna was inspired by a show to come up with creations this beautiful, it must be worth watching.  The collection has a possibly my favourite thermal polish I've ever tried, lots of holographic flakies and so much shimmer!  I have plenty of swatch photos so keep reading.

She Who Dares Wins
"A beautiful coral thermal that morphs into a blush pink, infused with captivating gold color shifting shimmer and a dusting of holographic flakies and silver micro glitter, that's sure to make you feel like a winner!"
3 coats plus top coat

A favourite of mine, for sure!  This is a stunning pink-pink thermal filled with shimmer and holographic flakies.  All the sparkle in the warm shade is just like angel wings.  The thermal effect is really strong.  I'm showing it exactly as it wore on me.  I originally used warm and cold water to show both shades but decided not to show them because this is the reality of the polish.  It also made me realize how I appreciate more tone-on-tone thermals more than ones with really harsh color differences.  

"A lavender infused periwinkle, featuring glowing iridescent flakes and a captivating pink to purple shimmering shift, accented with scattered holographic flakies, that will surely attract an admirer or two."
3 coats plus top coat

Lilibet is a light purple with a strong blue shimmer and shift.  The iridescent flakies are tiny so they're not really in your face but they are pretty.  The holographic flakies made it ever-so-slightly uneven.  I found this is a few of the polishes in this collection so you might want to poke them down if you find the same thing.  

Realm of the Queen
"An electric royal blue gleaming with iridescent flakies and scattered micro glitter that’s bound to make anyone bow down."
2 coats plus top coat

This polish absolutely glows.  The shade and the shimmer make it another favourite for me.  Again the flakies created some texture but it could be smoothed by top coat.  

Mon Petit Chou
"A gemstone emerald featuring a strong purple shift, accented with glowing iridescent flakies and scattered holographic flakies, that’s bound to make everyone green with envy."
2 coats plus top coat

The description says it all.  It is a rich teal.  The purple shift hid from me with my lighting but there was certainly a hint of it.  A few flakes stuck up.  They were smoothed by top coat.  The photos make it look way more textured than it was in real life.  

Royal Blood
"A majestic blood red, gleaming with a fiery inner glow, accented with red holographic flakies and scattered micro glitter, that’s sure to make you feel like royalty."
2 coats plus top coat

So many flakies!  Delush Polish does reds so well that I'm not surprised how much I love this one.  It's a deep, rich red that is absolutely royal.  

The Crown & Glory Collection will be available for purchase this Friday, March 30th at 12 pm EST.  I highly recommend She Who Dares Wins, even if you don't like thermals.  I don't wear many thermals but I know I'll be reaching for this one again soon.  And the shine of Realm of the Queen is stunning.  I could see this one being very popular this summer.

$9.75-10.95 USD each
$50 USD for all 5 
Available from Delush Polish

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