Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Bundle Monster Botanicals Collection

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Hey there!  I'm back today with another stamping plate review.  The Bundle Monster Botanicals Collection is perfect for spring but absolutely not your typical spring collection.  The surest sign of spring to be is the plants coming back to life after a winter under the snow (at least that's the case here) and this collection is dedicated to all things plants.  The images lean more towards the realistic than the cartoon-ish.  There's some of the prettiest florals I've ever seen on stamping plates here.  So pretty, in fact, that I couldn't resist doing two reverse stamping manis which definitely turned out to be my favourites.  I do love me some colourful nail art!

This collection is a set of ten 6 x6 cm square plates with mostly individual images, rather than full nail images.  But there are some full nail designs and even a plates that's one giant scene.  I had zero issue with any of the images I tried and I tried quite a few!  Normally I divide my manis up by plate when I have a new set to try out but these plates seemed to cry out for a bit of mix n match so I'll just list the plates used in the descriptions.  

Base:  3 coats Femme Fatale Glimmerbreath
Stamping plate(s):  BM-S329 (background) and S324 (flowers)
Stamping: Mundo de Unas Spring Green and Black
Decals filled with OPI I’m Sooo Swamped, Lost My Bikini In Molokini, Good Grief, Orange You Stylish, My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Got Myself Into A Jam-balaya, She’s a Bad Muffuletta!

Top coat:  HK Girl

Base:  Picture Polish Haven and Kryptonite

Stamping plate(s):  BM-S328 (trees) and S329 (leaves) 
Stamping: Mundo de Unas Light Grey, Black, Green, Military Green

Top coat:  Glisten & Glow matte top coat

Base:  2 coats Essie Sand Tropez sponged with Now and Zen, Partner In Crime

Stamping plate(s):  BM-S321
Stamping: Mundo de Unas Dark Grey

Top coat:  Glisten & Glow matte top coat

Base:  Moonflower Polish Hydrangea sponged with Dia

Stamping plate(s):  BM-S327
Stamping: Mundo de Unas Black
Decals filled with Moonflower Polish Verde, Florida Fall, Dark Green, El Yunque, Orquideas, Dia, Gris, Strawberry, Amarillo, Atardecer en El Morro, Antique Gold, Flor de Maga

Top coat:  HK Girl

Whoa, that's a lot of green for one blog post!  I seriously can't wait to see some green plants in real life but I'm sure it won't be anytime soon here.  So I'll be patient and keep painting spring nails instead.  I really enjoy all the botanical images in this set but if there's just one must have, it has to be S324.  Those flowers are gorgeous...though I have to admit that I don't actually know enough about flowers to know what kind they all are so I hope I got their colors correct! 

$19.99 USD/set of 10 plates
($3.50 USD individually)
Available at Bundle Monster

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