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Whats Up Nails Halloween Nail Stencils

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Hey there!  I have a bit of extra time this afternoon so I thought I should take advantage of it by showing you guys some of Whats Up Nails Halloween-themed stencils.  I do love the Halloween season so it was fun to get a jump on it this year by playing with these in September.  Plus that gives anybody that is interested enough time to get them in their hands before the big day!  Here I have the Pumpkin Topiary, Fire, Kitty Scratch, Frankenstein's Monster, Boo and Gothic Stencils.  As usual, I was really impressed with the quality of Whats Up Nails stencils.  I think using them has ruined me for some of the older ones I have!  I especially love that they come in different sizes since we don't all have the same sized nails.

$3.75 USD
25 stencils (16 x 6 mm - 22 x 8mm)

For these, I couldn't find a good orange glitter (seriously, this is a problem I have every year) so I used a coat of OPI Chromatic Orange over Essie Hors D'Oeurves then easily painted over the stencils with A England Camelot.  These were the stencils I was most looking forward to.  I think they're so darn cute!  I love that the faces are even's the little details...

$3.75 USD
15 stencils (12 x 13 mm -15 x 16 mm)

For these I did a stamping gradient with Mundo de Unas White, Pina Colada and Caribe over white then applied the stencils and used A England Camelot (again).  I like that these stencils could be used as the positive or negative image (or both) depending on which piece you choose to use.  

$3.75 USD
20 stencils (5 x 5 mm - 9 x 8mm)

I have to admit I didn't think I'd like these stencils but I ended up adoring this mani.  I used Bow Polish Your Idol with Pretty Serious Looks That Kill and an un-noted black polish.  It's sort of cute and scary at the same time.  But I do think it would've been even better if the paws would've been a bit more intimidating...not that I know how to draw vicious paws!  

$3.75 USD
15 stencils (6 x 9 mm - 11 x 17mm)

Here I used Delush Polish Girls Just Wanna Have Sun and Don't Play Koi and A England Camelot as my base.  The Frankenstein's Monster stencils are adorable, aren't they.  I did have to use different colors to fill them in (with the same polishes as the base colors).  Then I added black and white dots to the centres of the eyes.  I paired him up with the Lightning Bolts Stencils, for the electricity that brought him to life.  

$3.75 USD
20 stencils (8 x 7 mm - 11 x 10 mm)

I thought a pink Halloween mani might be a nice change here.  I used two coats of Trust Fund Beauty Sex Tape with Blow and I Can't Even for the stencils.  I think because I used two different colors here and the spots are pretty small, it dried a bit and made it a tad messy.  This one took me a few attempts and this was as good as I got it.  I bet it'd be easier with a single color.  The black and white topper is Trust Fun Beauty 90's Throwback (my favourite kind of throwback).  

$3.75 USD
20 stencils (8x 6 mm - 13 x 10 mm)

I tried a radial gradient here with Essence So What?,  Wet n Wild On A Trip and Orly Plum Sugar. That wasn't dramatic enough so I sponged on some extra black and grey.  Then I used the different styles of crosses (yes, one sheet of stencils has 4 different styles and different sizes) with A England Camelot and a matte top coat.  I'm not usually one for crosses but I think these are pretty neat-o.  

If any of these have struck your fancy, you can find them in the Whats Up Nails store, linked below.  While you're there, you can swing by a special Halloween section to find even more items for the spooky season!

Available at What's Up Nails

'Til next time...

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