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Mundo de Unas Cancun Stamping Polish Collection Swatches & Comparisons

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Hey there!  The weather here has certainly turned chilly (it even snowed this week!) which makes it the perfect time to warm up with the most recent stamping polish collection from Mundo de Unas, the Cancun Collection.  If you've read my blog at all, you might notice I use A LOT of Mundo de Unas stamping polish.  I have purchased almost every one of them, many more than once.  Therefore I was pretty excited to see they had a new collection.  Today I have swatches of the 8 new stamping polishes and some comparisons with other Mundo de Unas stamping polishes so you can see which might best fit your stamping needs.

In the stamping world, Mundo de Unas isn't everyone's cup of tea.  They have a much much thicker consistency than regular polish and the scent is overwhelming for some people.  We don't know exactly what is in them except that they do have acrylic resin and they are free of lead, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor.  Luckily the smell doesn't bother me at all because, if you want an opaque creme coverage over dark colors, Mundo's really can't be beat, especially for the price.  One extra feature of their bottles is the labels that include a space for a swatch.  How handy, right?  

In my swatches, I used a black or white gel base and stamped with Born Pretty BP-20.  Photos were taken in a lightbox with 5K bulbs.  I think they're all color accurate except So Hot!, an incredible neon but a color that my camera has always refused to capture.  The comparison swatches were taken on black swatch sticks.  Not all of them had anything similar in the Mundo de Unas collection but I tried comparing the ones I felt were most similar.  

cool-toned light pink creme

Bikini is the same tone as Cotton Candy but way brighter.  It has more of a blue tone compared to Pink or Orchid.  

bright turquoise creme

Mundo de Unas does have a lot of colors in this family.  Caribe is quite similar to Sky Blue and Turquoise with just a touch more green, more like the Caribbean sea.  

slightly pink-toned red creme

I really thought this was a straight-up red until I compared it with Red and Reddish.  Compared to those it does look quite pink but wearing it, I didn't pick up on the pink at all.  Maybe my camera just adjusted because the Red swatch is so dark.

bright saturated green creme with just a tiny hint of teal

Paradise seems to fall right between Green and Fiji (which is definitely a strong teal).

neon yellow-leaning green creme

Pina Colada has more yellow in it than either Lemon Tree or Grinch but has the same bright feel to it.  Compared with these greens, it looks quite yellow but in real life I only saw green.  Isn't it funny how comparisons do that?

peach-y beige creme

I find that the website photo looks more beige than my bottle of it does.  It is darker than Bones (an off-white) but more yellow-toned than Taupe, the most beige of my collection.  

neon coral creme (but far brighter than my photos are showing)

So Hot! is a color that I know and love well but I've never seen it in a stamping polish before.  Think China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy or KBShimmer Bahama Drama - that really neon coral that just screams summer.  This is certainly unique in my MDU collection.  It's a lighter color than Neon Pink or Orange and more opaque.  I thought Tulip might have a similar neon vibe but it's much darker and more pink. 

warm-toned purple creme

Tequila is a warmer toned purple than either Fantasy or Violet and it looks even warmer over white than over black.  I find it hard to find purples that stamp well over black but Tequila definitely does.  I also just so happen to have some of it stamped on my nails today as well.  

And just to show you how much I love my Mundos, here's my Helmer drawer of nothing but MDU stamping polish (not including the few minis I have) including their UberSwatchers.  A thing of beauty, eh?

In this post I linked to the full sized bottles of these polishes but there are also 5 mL minis available for all of them.  If you place an order, she currently has a 10% code of "CANCUN".  Do be aware that Mexico Post can take a while.  I usually get my orders in approximately 4 weeks from my order date.

Available at Mundo de Unas 
$3.50 USD/14 mL
$1.65 USD/5 mL mini

'Til next time...

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  1. thanks for the post. looking to add more to my collection and your comparison were awesome. did you think of comparing sand to papyrus? and fun and sun to tulip? I'd love to see if you do