Monday, 11 September 2017

The Digit-al Dozen's 5th Birthday: 5 Balloons

Hey there!  This month we're celebrating the Digit-al Dozen's fifth birthday.  I'm so happy to be a part of a group that has been around for 5 whole years, even if I've only been around for a couple of them.  The theme was a tough one though.  I tried to think of things that came in 5's and there's really not many.  Luckily, Katherine of Procrastinails suggested birthday ideas and I totally stole one of them.  So today we have balloons with what I'm hoping is the number "5" in different languages.

I used mostly Moonflower Polish for these.  Since they're stamping polish, they're super opaque BUT they can be used as regular polish too so I use them so often for nail art.  I used Dia as the white base and Verde, Anaranjado, Rojo, Violeta, Turquesa for the balloons and the dots.  The black is acrylic paint.  

The numbers I did in Essie No Place Like Chrome.  Strangely, the orange bled through the silver and the white so I had to go over them again but they still look kinda yellowed.  

For the 5's, I polled my very diverse group of co-workers but that's not to say I didn't screw them up!  From thumb to pinky, I was going for Korean, Cyrillic (Russian), Chinese, Arabic and Persian numerals (all people represented in my lab).  Unfortunately I guess the Korean is how you would spell out "five" but I tried!  I should've asked him ahead of time but he was gone the afternoon I was asking my other coworkers how they write "5".  

So happy birthday Digit-al Dozen.  This is really the only "birthday" mani I'm doing this week.  The rest are all takes on the number 5 so bear with me, haha!

'Til next time...

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