Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Bundle Monster Shape Nouveau Stamping Collection

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Hey there!  Back to school time, eh?  I'm long past the days of school but I do work on a university campus and it certainly feels different here today.  Whether or celebrating or cursing the start of school, today I have a little nail art distraction with Bundle Monster's Shape Nouveau stamping collection.  There are 5 plates in this collection of "chaotic modern pop art designs."  While I don't necessarily think all the designs here have to be chaotic, they are certainly pop art.  The possibilities using this collection are endless.  I have 4 manis that I did wearing them, including one with one of the 3D rotational studs (which was an absolute blast to wear)!

Normally I show you each plate individually with a mani but with these plates, I think some mixing and matching makes them so much better.  Because of that I paired up BM-XL 501 and 503.  The shapes match up perfectly so you can get a pattern on top of your shape.  How easy!  

For these I used a simple white creme base (KBShimmer Eyes White Open) and then stamped the shapes from XL-501 with Hit The Bottle To Have and To Gold, Let’s Go To The Peach, Psycho Pink and Sparkling Cyan-ide.  Then I layered those with patterns from XL-503 using a black stamping polish.  Super fast and super fun!  

This plate is just so energetic.  It makes me a bit tired to look at it.  But to use it in a way that matches its liveliness, I needed a bright base so I went with one of the brightest neons I have, KBShimmer How Low Can You Flamingo?.  I double stamped the upper middle region of the plate with Mundo de Unas White and Black and finished with HK Girl.  I got a lot of gaps in these images for some reason.  My stamping polish might be getting too old and thick...

BM-XL504 has the daintiest images of any in this collection.  There's a lot of chaos on this plate too but I just wanted to use the dots.  I stamped them on Madam Glam On My Way with Mundo de Unas White.  This is the one I wore the rotational stud with.  

The studs I used there are the "Silver Bow with Rainbow Rhinestones" option.  They're approximately 6x11 mm with a curved base that should match most people's nails.  I attached it with builder gel but a strong nail glue might work too.  This thing spun like crazy.  It really is a fidget spinner on your nails.  Unfortunately I might have been a bit overzealous in my spinning and one of the bows came right off the base by the end of the day.  

The only thing I didn't like about this was how high it sat off my nail.  But that's not really surprising when you're putting something with moving parts on your nails.  It's certainly not enough to deter me.  I have another one of these sets yet and I'll definitely be using them.  

With BM-XL505 I created a patchwork mani using Essie Sand Tropez, Partner In Crime, Butler Please and No Place Like Chrome, topped with a matte top coat.  

As per usual, I have nothing but good things to say about Bundle Monster's stamping plate quality.  The etching is always on point and the designs are fun and fresh.  I was disappointed that the rotational stud fell apart though I'm sure my officemate was happy about not having to hear it spin for the entire day!  

$22.50/set of 5 plates 
($5.50 USD/plate individually)
Available at Bundle Monster

'Til next time...

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