Thursday, 7 September 2017

Whats Up Nails Margarita and Flower Confetti

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Hey there!  Today's is a super sparkly post.  I have two versions of the Whats Up Nails "Confetti" to share, the Margarita Confetti and the Flower Confetti.  This product is a jar of loose circle glitter that comes in lots of different color combinations.  As a lover of circle glitter, I really like this product, especially because it's really inexpensive.  If you're willing to place glitter on your nails like this, your only decision is what colors you want to get from their selection (which can be found here).

The glitters in these mixes are 1, 2 and 3 mm in size.  Both of the ones I'm sharing today include gold holo glitter (which is extra fun).  Though individually placing glitter can take a bit of time if you're trying to be organized about it, I find it easier to work with than some of the polishes out there with large circle glitter like this.  Polishes with large glitter tend to have it stick to the walls of the bottles so it can involve quite a bit of fishing.  With these, I just dump a few into the lid and pick what I want.  As with glitter polishes, sometimes the large glitter doesn't lay flat (especially with curved nails) but I find that using two coats of top coat usually smooths it right out for me.

$3.75 USD
2.5 grams
neon yellow, white and gold holo

I wanted a bright and cheery look to use these confetti so I went with an almost neon green base (Colors by Llarowe Radioactive).  I placed these on the nail pretty randomly using a toothpick.  I want to say I wet it with a bit of top coat but in all honesty, it was probably with's way more convenient, haha!  My photos make it look as though the edges are sticking up but that would've driven me crazy so I promise they are smoothed out with two coats of HK Girl top coat.  

I love the look of stamping over glitter so I stamped a fun image from UberChic Beauty 19-01 with Mundo de Unas Black and added another coat of top coat.  

$3.75 USD
2.5 grams
fuchsia, pink and gold holo

For these I placed them in a more organized, alternating pattern with the largest in the middle and the smallest at my nail edges. 

This one I stamped with Lina Nail Art Supplies Feeling Shapely 01 with Hit The Bottle Moonshine.  There's something kinda trippy about how this one turned out but I liked it even more than the first.  

As I mentioned at the start, Whats Up Nails has a large selection of color combinations.  They all appear to be the same price so even if you don't like the colors I used today, there might be a color you like more here.  

Available at What's Up Nails

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