Monday, 2 October 2017

What's Up Nails Autumn Nail Stencils

Press  Sample

Hey there!  To bring in the new week (and the new month) I have some autumnal Whats Up Nails art to share with you guys today.  Last week I showed a few manis I did with a couple of their fall-themed stamping plates but today I have another type of product they excel at - stencils!  I only have 4 looks I did with these here but there's actually 6 different stencils used: Fall, Owl, Scary Tree, Umbrella, Rain and Apples.  Actually I don't know if these are all supposed to be autumn stencils.  I'm sure the scary trees are meant to be Halloween-themed but I guess I'm a big rebel.  Even if I used the wrong, I hope you like them!

$3.75 USD
20 stencils (8 x 7 mm - 15 x 14 mm)

I love that this plate has different styles of leaves.  And different sizes.  Whats Up Nails stencils quality is always great but the fact that they include different sizes makes them that much better.  For these I used A England Camelot as a base and then a bunch of ILNP Ultra Chromes for the leaves (Abundance, Highline, Nostalgia, Reminisce, Masquerade and Undenied).  I finished with Glisten & Glow matte top coat.  I don't know if it was the matte top coat that wrinkled it but I love the effect I ended up with.  It looks like the leaves have real veins.   

$3.75 USD each
Owls: 20 stencils (9 x 7 mm - 12 x 10 mm)
Scary Trees: 15 stencils (14 x 9 mm - 19 x 14 mm)

To be honest, when I saw the owl stencils I thought they were going to be finicky, with all their different sections but they separated and applied so easily.  Again, the different sizes was such a benefit here.  The trees were also simpler than I thought though I did note that pulling from the trunk end was easier.  I paired KBShimmer Owl Miss You (see what I did there?) and Oh My Ganache for these.  I added black dots to the eyes so they didn't look super frightening!  

$3.75 USD
12 stencils each (22 x 28 mm)

Oh if only fall was a rainy season here.  I woke up with snow on my car today!  But I do recognize that most people don't live in northern cities so I bet rain and umbrellas are far more common than they are here.  I used the Ocean Powder (reviewed here last week) over OPI GelColor My Signature Is "DC" over the Rain and Umbrellas stencils.  I do believe pairing Whats Up Nails stencils with their powders is one of my favourite newer things to do.  It's always so easy and ends up looking great.  

$3.75 USD
12 stencils each (22 x 28 mm)

To use the Apples Stencils, I gradiented OPI Coca-Cola Red and I'm Sooo Swamped over You're So Vain-illa.  Some of the little leaves didn't turn out so perfectly but most look just fine.  

I've been eating SO many apples lately.  A couple of my friends have a fruit stall at the farmers market here in town and I've helped them out a few times, something I used to do to make some money back in grad school.  I know so much about all the varieties of apples now, including which are most delicious.  

As I mentioned last week, Whats Up Nails has made a seasonal-specific section so you can shop for all your fall needs in one place.  That can be found here.

Available at What's Up Nails

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