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Whats Up Nails A011 and B021 Fall Stamping Plates

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Hey there!  I have so many fun Whats Up Nails goodies to show you in the next couple weeks.  They have lots and lots of fall and halloween themed stencils and stamping plates so I thought I better get them all posted ASAP so you guys have time to play with them while it is the season.  I'm starting with a couple of their autumnal stamping plates because, let's be honest, stamping is my true nail love!  Here I have A011 and B021 stamping plates.  I promise there's a lot more to these plates than just leafy images but I was in a real fall leaves mood when I was playing with these.  I also used the Suntan Magic Shifting Powder as a base for my first mani here so I have some pictures of that on its own as well (and a comparison to Sunset) for anyone who's been wondering how it looks.  Be sure to keep reading to see the other fall images they have!

$21.75 USD
1 gram

Man, I love the Magic Shifting Powders from Whats Up Nails.  I used Suntan over a black gel base with a no wipe top coat.  It has a bronze/brown/gold shift with maybe just a hint of green at the really extreme angles (like around my cuticles in these photos).  I've said it before but these powders apply sooooo easily (at least with a no wipe top coat).  And they're a lot more opaque than other powders.  You don't keep the black hue that I find when I'm using powders from overseas.  

I did a quick comparison between Sunset and Suntan because I've been wondering how they compare since Suntan was first released.  I thought they'd be similar but I was wrong.  They both have a bronze hue but compared to Suntan, Suntan is really pink.  

Here I have Sunset on my middle and pinky nails.  At extreme angles, when you get more of the bronze shift to Sunset, it looks more like Suntan but straight on its quite different.  

$7.75 USD
6 x 12 cm plate 

For my first mani I used the Suntan powder base.  I wore these for a day first with just the black stamping but I decided to add the gold holo stamping with Hit The Bottle Glint Of Gold the next evening and liked it even more.  

These started with Pretty Serious Into Dreams that I added a gold flakie topper (Penelope Luz Midas).  I made some stamping decals with Mundo de Unas Black and Vapid Lacquer Firestarter and topped with HK Girl.  

$7.75 USD
6 x 12 cm plate (15 x 21 mm images)

For my first B021 mani I wanted to use the Tropic Flakies (previously reviewed here) because I thought their color palette was pretty fall-like (even though their names sounds super summery).  I applied them sparsely over a black base and stamped with Messy Mansion Chalk and topped with a matte top coat.  

For my second one I used a light gold base (Celestial Cosmetics Cakes & Rainbows) and stamped with Mundo de Unas Military Green.  I did a bit of messy leadlighting with Esmaltes da Kelly Yellow, Orange, Wine and Leaf Soap Bubbles.  

If you're interested in these two stamping plates, I highly recommend them.  Whats Up Nails stamping plates always works flawlessly.  They've also had made a really handy section with all their fall/autumn items that you can check out here.  

Available at What's Up Nails

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