Thursday, 28 September 2017

Whats Up Nails Ocean Powder

Press  Sample

Hey there!  Here we have my next instalment in the series of fun things Whats Up Nails recently sent me to try out.  Yesterday I raved yet again about how much I adore their Magic Shifting Powders when I posted about Suntan.  Today I have another one.  This is Ocean, another summer-y name with a color that is gorgeous year round!  I also did a bit of stamping, pairing it with Rainforest since I can never leave my nails alone.

$21.75 USD
1 gram

The Ocean Magic Shifting Powder is a really rich blue with a purple shift.  My photos don't do justice to how gorgeous this is.  It's seemed far more saturated in real life.  I applied it over a black gel base with a no wipe top coat.  And as with all the shifty powders from Whats Up, it went on like butter.  Smooth and effortless.  

Ever since seeing Ocean and Rainforest come out, I thought they'd pair great for an ocean look.  I still believe they do but mine ended up pretty messy.  I used a turquoise gel base this time (China Gelaze For Audrey) and applied Ocean to the top and Rainforest to the tips. They did blend really nicely.  

Then I triple stamped the mermaid ocean scene from Bundle Monster BM-S187, first in Messy Mansion Carbon and then Chalk.  Originally, I left it like that and went to bed but in the morning I decided I didn't like the white look so I went and added another layer with Mundo de Unas Tequila.  I'm still not in love with the stamping but I do still love the powders, even if they did dull somehow.  I don't know why.  I used the same no wipe top coat over the stamping as I did with just the powder.  Maybe it was the lighter coloured base?  Or maybe I just didn't wipe off my cuticle moisturizer.  It's a mystery!  

You can find the Ocean Powder here or the Rainforest Powder here.  Actually, there's a large selection of colors.  I've gotten to try a few and they are far and away my favourite nail powders.  

Available at What's Up Nails

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