Tuesday, 9 February 2016

UberChic Beauty Love & Marriage -02 Review

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Hey there!  I'm continuing my UberChic reviews this week with the latest of the Love & Marriage stamping plates.  UberChic recently came out with Love & Marriage -02, just in time for Valentine's Day.  But don't be fooled, this plate can easily be used year round.  I've used the first Love & Marriage plate plenty (and, honestly, don't even view it as overly love-y) and I foresee myself using this plate similarly.  Hearts and flowers are definitely not exclusive to February on my nails.

Here is a scan of the plate that I received to review.  As with all other UberChic Beauty plates, it is a 14.5 x 9.5 cm plate with full nail images measuring 17 x 21 cm, large enough for most nails.  The plate has a lot of hearts and flowers but also has some more whimsical images.  For example, how adorable are the hipster bikes with hearts or the porcupine or the cupcake?!  The etching with perfect, again, as with all the UberChic plates I have been lucky enough to try.  

For my first, and favourite of the three manis I've done using this plate, I started by making a decal using the baroque-type design with the heart cutout (left hand side of the plate).  I used Essie No Place Like Chrome for the stamping and then filled it with what I believe to be Color Club Warhol (the label fell off).  I applied the decal over Loaded Lacquer Coconut.  Then I used the Clear Jelly Stamper so I could line up the "love' heart (from the middle of the plate) with the heart on the decal.  Luckily they're a perfect fit...that Brittany is so clever to do something like that!  My other nails have either China Glaze Glistening Snow or Warhol with a black heart stud (over a bit of Glistening Snow).

For my second mani, I used the candy hearts image for decals.  I love that she included two version of the hearts...one that has more stereotypical love messages and one for us polish lovers.  Since I'm  a single lady, I went for the nail polish version.  A very important note when you're making decals with words is that you need to reverse the decal OR do the colouring on a stamper.  I chose to do my decal on the Uber Mat and then flip it over before I painted it.  I used Lime Crime's polishes for the base and to color in the hearts.  I messed a couple of the hearts up when I was applying the decals but still thought these were crazy cute.  

And for my final nails of the day, I did another decal design using the rose wreath image from the upper left corner of the plate.  For once I didn't stamp with black!  I used Mundo de Unas Military Green and filled the roses with Mundo de Unas Red.  I applied the decals over OPI That' Hula-rious.  I don't really love the red and the green combination but I loved that the stamping image is conducive to a multi-nail look.  

I hope I've given you a good feel for this new UberChic Beauty stamping plate and maybe even provided a couple of ideas for those of you still looking for Valentine's nail ideas.  If you're interested in purchasing this plate, the details can be found below.  

Price: $14.99/plate
Available on UberChic Beauty's website

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