Thursday, 4 February 2016

Picture Polish Red Holo Comparison

Hey there!  If you read my blog regularly you've probably heard me say that I love red, sparkly nail polishes but don't often wear them.  Because there's so many holidays in winter that seem to have a lot of red in their representation (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year) I took it as a reason to wear and compare a few of Picture Polish's red (or reddish) scattered holos - Bridget, Bordeaux, Monroe and Nemesis.  I've also included a comparison of the old Ozotic 621 (one of my all-time favourite polishes) with Picture Polish's newer version, Bridget.

Ozotic 621 was one of the first polishes I ever blogged.  I've loved it since I started getting into polish but was silly and didn't buy a backup bottle when I heard it was being discontinued.  Luckily Picture Polish released new version of some of the old Ozotic scattered holos and I finally bought Bridget so I don't have to be so stingy with Ozotic 621 anymore.  This is two coats of Bridget, the most fiery of the reds I have today.  All the swatches today are two coats with Hit The Bottle ASAP top coat with photos on the top being in my light box and the bottom being in direct, artificial light.

Here is a comparison of Bridget with the original Ozotic 621.  I think Ozotic 621 has ever so slightly larger holo particles and is a bit more orange-leaning than Bridget.  But they're so close than Bridget is absolutely a good replacement.  

Here's a closer comparison of the two.  Ozotic appears a tiny bit more sparkly and orange.  

For the next red, I have one of the newer ones - Bordeaux.  Compared to Bridget's bright red, Bordeaux is far more vampy.  It's a toss up for which one I prefer, Bordeaux or Bridget.  

Next I have Monroe.  My memory of this one was far more red than it ended up being in real life.  It's actually more of a berry toned polish.  

And lastly I have Nemesis, one of the Limited Edition shades released last year (but still available).  The description describes it as a "blood red with chameleon tones in  red and gold" and, while I do see the multichrome effect in the bottle, I've never really noticed it in the couple of times I've worn this polish.  Compared with the other reds I swatched for today, Nemesis has a slightly metallic feel to it.  

And finally, proof that none of these are dupes and you should probably own all of them, haha!  I can't believe I was so silly that I forgot to take a photo in direct light.  Oops!  

So, if you're looking for a red scattered holo for the upcoming holidays, there you have some of the polishes that Picture Polish offers.  There are a couple more than I don't have (Arabian, is the first that comes to mind).  I do have O'Hara but didn't include it here because it's scattered holo particles are far more subtle than these ones.  

Being a red-addict, I do have quite a few other red holos from other brands so if there's any that you'd like me to swatch, let me know and I'll see if I have them.  

'Til next time...

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