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UberChic Beauty Nail Art Brush Review

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Hey there!  Recently UberChic Beauty released a group of four nail art brushes and I've been trying them out for the last week or so.  I won't claim to be an expert on nail art brushes but, in the time I've  been using them, I've come to the conclusion that these are definitely some luxe brushes.  They are absolutely gorgeous and a dream to work with.  There is a detail brush, a liner, a striper and a clean up brush.  Keep reading to find out my other thoughts on these brushes, and to see a couple manis I've done with them.

As mentioned, these brushes are beautiful!  Call me shallow but sometimes I like pretty things and these are definitely pretty.  Each brush comes with a cap that has an inset rhinestone butterfly design that is vented with a small hole to allow them to dry.  These caps are vital in saving the life of your brush since they will protect the bristles.  This cap is one of the details where this luxe brush differs from a cheap brush that only comes with a plastic protector (that I always inevitably lose).  The handle of the brush is filled with small crystals.  This could be my favourite part of the brush.  I think they're so pretty!  In addition to being attractive, the handles are metal so they're bound to hold up to regular acetone use.  It sounds minor but I also really enjoyed the feel of the brush in my hand - the weight and width of the brush felt just right.  

The four types of brushes released are:
Detail - great for free handing small details or for filling in tiny spaces in stamping decals
Liner - works as a thicker striper or for filling in larger stamping decal spaces
Striper - as the name suggests, this one is great for creating long, striped designs
Oval Clean Up -  great for cleaning up skin after polishing, stamping or any other reason you'd get polish on your skin.  

The bristle length measures as follows:
Detailer - 5 mm
Liner - 8-9 mm
Striper - 13 mm
Clean up - 8 mm (x 6 mm wide)

Below  I took a quick photo of the type of line I could get from each brush.  The longer the bristles, the thinner the line I was able to get.  As I said, I'm not expert on brushes so I highly doubt this is as thin a line possible.  Someone who uses a striper/liner more often would likely get even better results.    You can even tell that I definitely used these brushes since I clearly hadn't cleaned them properly before taking this photo...oops!  Speaking of cleaning, I clean them with acetone and then store them with a bit of oil on the bristles to keep them from drying out.

Now onto the manis!  For the first one, I used the detail brush and the liner.  I made a stamping decal with the Christmas-01 plate and Essie No Place Like Chrome.  I filled in the bulbs with Zoya Estelle using both the detail (for the edges) and the liner brush (for the large middle area) and applied them over black (A England Camelot).  

I wanted to test out the detail brush a bit further so I freehanded some tiny stars with No Place Like Chrome with the detail brush on the other three nails.  I wanted to try to match the small stars in the stamping pattern and I think I did pretty good which speaks volumes about the level of detail that you can get with this brush.  

For my second mani I wanted to try out the striper brush.  I used black and white acrylic paint over Indigo Bananas Spark of Life (over Essie Penny Talk).  The paint flowed smoothly off the brush but I definitely still need practice for this type of design.  I also used the detail brush to add the little dots.  

I haven't mentioned anything directly about the clean up brush yet so I will now.  To put it simply, I love it.  I haven't been able to go back to my old clean up brush since trying this one.  At first try, I didn't think I'd like it because it's not as stiff as the brush I'm used to using but I was wrong.  It cleans the polish off my skin easy peasy and, like the other brushes, feels really natural in my hand.  

Below are all the links that will lead you to the UberChic website for these brushes as well as for their social media sites, which I highly recommend following.  I personally get great inspiration from seeing UberChic manis from other fans!  

Price: $8.99 USD/brush
Available on UberChic Beauty's website

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