Sunday, 20 December 2015

HPB/Sunday Stamping Presents Merry Christmas Nails

Hey there!  Today I have another combo theme.  At this time of year, there's so many holiday themes out there that I decided to combine a few of them since I loved wearing this mani this past week.  First, it's time for the joining together of a great group of nail polish bloggers, the Hobby Polish Bloggers, for this month's link up theme of Holiday/Winter.  Second, it's Sunday which means this week's Adventures in Stamping Sunday challenge of Merry Christmas Nails.  I thought this sparkly Santa/Rudolph mani was fitting for both the themes.

To do these I started with three coats of Picture Polish White Wedding.  I love using White Wedding as a base since it's a pretty sparkly white...just like winter.

I made stamping decals with UberChic Beauty Christmas -01.  For Santa I used Picture Polish Columbia, Beige, a bit of Majesty and white acrylic paint.  For Rudolph, I used Demeter, Grace and Columbia for his glowing red nose.  

Lastly I added little dots with Columbia to make some sparkly buttons.  I finished with a couple of coats of HK Girl and they held up for most of the week.

Below, you can find the links for the rest of the Hobby Polish Bloggers holiday and winter manis.  These ladies always come up with amazing looks for our link up so I highly suggest you go ahead and browse them.  

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

'Til next time...

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