Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Digit-al Dozen does Whimsy - Cute CJS-10 Caterpillar

Press  Sample

Hey there!  For today's Digit-al Dozen Whimsy design, I have a last minute addition to the line up.  I'll include a photo of my original mani at the end but I wasn't really happy with it since I've been failing at painting stamping decals lately.  Luckily I was just sent some of the newest Clear Jelly Stamper layered stamping plates to review and they're designed to look like decals without relying on me being able to paint within the lines.  A couple of these plates are adorable so I was torn between which one to use for a Whimsy mani.  I opted to use CJS-10, called Baby Bugs & Bees...even the name is cute!  I'm not sure cute is enough to be considered whimsical but, come on, that caterpillar has a face...that screams whimsy, right?

Here is a scan of the plate I received.  You can see that there's a few spring/bug words and phrases to go along with the caterpillar, butterfly, lady bug, bee and flower images.  I'm still new to the world of the Clear Jelly Stamper layering stamping plates but so far I absolutely love them.  Like I said, sometimes making decals is challenging and time consuming so it's nice to be able to whip up some nail art that looks way harder than it is.  The only issue I had with this plate is that the first caterpillar layer is such a large area that you need to scrape lightly to be able to pick it all up.  But since it's designed to look distressed you don't really need it all.  

For my design today I did a smoosh base of Lime Crime Peaches <3 Cream and Crema de Limon but that totally got lost in my photos.  For the stamping I used Mundo de Unas Lemon Tree, Dark Green, Yellow, Barbie, Fiji, Reddish and Black and the Clear Jelly Stamper Crystal Clear Stamper.  

To finish I used the new KBShimmer Oh Matte! top coat.  The reviews are right.  It really is a good matte top coat.  

Here's the details about where to get this plate and how to follow Clear Jelly Stamper.  I also received some of the other CJS plates so you'll be seeing those soon as well.  

Available at Clear Jelly Stamper

Lastly I have my attempt at doing some decals using mostly BBF Loja 12 since when I was brainstorming for Whimsy ideas, my officemate Robert suggested Alice In Wonderland.  Was a great idea and the plate worked great.  It's my painting/application skills that made this is a bit of a fail.  

Now let's take a peek at what my friends have put together for the second last Whimsy day.  I have to say that, despite the challenge of this theme, they're doing some of my favourite manis I've seen.

'Til next time...